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Good progress Denis and looking great.

I think you may have missed my previous post on the previous page (differential gearbox & gill net winch side bracket). Unless you have other ideas for driving the winch shafts from the Dog House that you mentioned?


I like your method of attaching the aft mast by the way.

I think I'll get a tin of the green stuff to get me going at your speed.

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thank you gents for the kind comments.   I didn't get to do much today......both masts are cut to length and tapered.   I still need to do the booms though.  I did get a chance to stop in at Hobby Lobby to pick up some stuff.....then off to Harbor Freight,  but all I came of of there with,  was a hand operated tire bead breaker and a rubber mallet.  I'll be swapping tires from my younger son's car to ours.......I can't swap the rims because the lug holes are enlarged.  his car is going to the junk yard,  because the engine's fried....sounds like a bag 'o rocks.   I wish the weather was a bit more conducive......it's getting colder again.


yea John......I saw that post you made.  I figure that on the actual boat,  the front of the 'dog house' is likely open and it may be belt or chain driven.   I'm sure that this bit of detail might be there,  if it were a larger model.  so,  I just substituted the solid drum with a concaved drum and wound some rope on it,  with a hook.  if it has a multi purpose,  a hook would be the most probable attachment.  I likely won't use the sluice table either.....the layout would make the deck look cramped.  I think the pilot house should have gone aft more....would have given me more room.   I'll add more and see how the room factor looks then.....if I can squeeze in a short one,  I will.  I might even make an extra bin.   if I get more done,  I'll post it later.   thanks again for the kind word and thanks to those who hit the like button.

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:D  I already did John...... :D    that's the extent of what I'm going to do ;) 


I did spend a little time at the table yesterday evening.  to start off with,  both masts are cut and sanded.


the main mast has already begun to be assembled.   there are these two side boards near the base.


the aft mast and brackets...


after....the mast got some paint


I also started to paint the winch and smoke stack.   I still have half a mind to put a shield on the muffler.


the last thing I did was to cement the raft locker n place


one day down and two more to go...I get done with the work week,  and then I can get back to her  :)    thanks for look'in and and the likes!

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Hi Denis 


I think I have to stop blinking, because each time I blink, you move light years ahead!  Wow, wow, wow...she’s looking absolutely brilliant.  If I were you, I’d stick a motor and RC gear in it and let it loose in my koi pond to catch some fish!


Top Job, as always, Denis. 





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the work week kept me away...have to apologize for that ;)    thank you all so very much for the kind comments......so many.....and thank you as well for all the likes  :)    jeeze......I wish I had an update,  but I ended up spending the day removing the tires and stuff off of my son's old car.  it's going to the junk yard,  'cuz the engine sounds like a bag 'o rocks.   we weighed it out and the car isn't worth it......he bought another car.  it's due to be picked up this Thursday,  and with 6 - 8 inches of snow coming tomorrow,  this was the best window in which to get 'er ready.  he had like new tires on it,  so I bought a hand operated bead breaker,  and taught him how to mount tires {the rims on his car weren't too good...we both have a camry} {same year too!}.

   looks like I got a lot of catching up to do here too!  so many logs I follow have updates ;)   


thanks Patrick.....when we owned our own home,  we used to have a swimm'in pool.   if I only had that now  ;) 

hello Aldo.......so good to see you!  the fastest build I had was the M&M Fun Ship.....just under 5 months  :) 

thanks Pat!

thanks OC........never could wrap my head around the new potato thing.......I would thing that if you have to dig them up,  then they're old potatoes  :D 

thanks Piet!

thanks John......of course there is.......what are builds for?!?!  :D 


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...and we waved a good bye to Kevin's car :)   saw it on the flat bed.......wish I was home to see it get loaded up ;)   we were headed toward home when we saw it....snow encrusted and all.   now that the saga is over......I can have the garage back :cheers:

     yea.....been an up and down week.  I did manage to get some progress accomplished on the Norden.   the smoke stack is in place,  as well as the block tackle for the main mast boom.


the main mast is almost totally fitted out....just have the boom and gaff to add on there.   


the curved eye bracket at the top,  is one of those eye bolts that I bought at Hobby lobby,  in the bead section.  they have a 2" shaft,  so all I had to do was bend it to shape.  at the base of the mast,  all the cleats were added.


this picture is a bit blurry,  but you might be able to make out that the lenses are painted flat white.


....and of course,  the winch is still in production....although now it's painted.  when I get back to the table,  this will likely be my starting point.


at one point here,  I was looking at the shroud / back stay parts and asking myself.......where's all the parts?   I had them in a pill bottle......but apparently,  these parts were what was on the floor.  so,  I began to assemble the parts again........because I put them in the Thermopylae tray,  thinking that's where they came from.  it's OK........I have more than enough spare parts to go around ;) 

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hi there........excuse the spotty log the last couple of weeks.  we are starting to get the jist of all the big changes that are to take place where I work.   hate to say it,  but if things don't work out,  I may be job hunting.  no love loss......I'm really starting to hate the place.   not so much the people I work with,  but the people who run it.   my mind has been preoccupied....... :unsure:


I did some work on her through the week......it started by doing some assembly on the winch.


the lower boom was fitted with the double blocks and the brass rod to fit into the gooseneck {or the reasonable facsimile of a gooseneck}


I'll paint it later....  the aft mast was fitted out.  instead of a ring for what appears to be a back stay,  I substituted it with a single block.


you recall my stripping out all the wire out of the red hose supplied in the kit.  I had done this so a brass rod could be substituted,  and a pin could be exposed at one end.   it was coiled,  and on the business end of the hose,  I made a nozzle for it.


the prop was shafted and painted.......and the float balls had to have the holes filled and concealed with wood.   eye bolts will be added to them later,  after they are painted.  I started to paint the radar too.


a hole was drilled in the base of the pilot house,  and the hose was installed.  the coiling was adjusted a bit more.


it came to painting the flotation balls.......I was going to paint them red.  I just couldn't shake the orange thing.......ha..ha!   I have a bout five bottles of Billing's orange....I ended up tossing three of them out.  they were bad....all jelled, and rendered useless.  it must be the lighting.....but it's an odd color orange.....It'll do just fine though.


the boom is now painted......


here is the Norden where she stands at the moment.


if you can see the winch,  I've added some of the lines that detail it.  it appears that they suggest using thread for them,  but to make these hug the casing better,  I thought to use brass rod.  the two that will go down to the base will be made up of soft wire, colored to simulate wiring.


more tomorrow....thanks for look'in in  :) 



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Welcome back to the peace and tranquility of the modelling desk Denis :)  Some nice added detail  to your Norden.  I hope you don't mind me commenting but that hose looks a little out of scale mate.  That said, if you can live with it then leave it, there are plenty of great details to distract from it.





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thanks OC........and thanks for all the likes :)   ....couple of new names......well,  thanks for look'in in,  feel free to follow along.   I'm no Picasso,  but I do like to have fun.    I've got a couple of other aspects done on the Norden today.......I hope to get more done.....that is,  if I'm not breaking my tools in the process.   I was playing with the flotation balls.......thinking about that little bib round the eyelet.  I got it in my head that I could punch out perfect circles with an ordinary paper punch.   cutting off a piece of some .005 brass,  I put in in the jaws of the paper punch and squeezed so hard,  I began to crush the handles together.  of course,  it wouldn't punch out the circle.  after trying to straighten out the handles with a pair of pliers,  I took each side and tried to pull it apart like a wishbone.  the thing let go,  parts flying on the floor!  after picking up the pieces,  it hit the circular file......guess I'll never know how many holes it will take to fill the Albert Hall  ;) 


anyway........the shroud hardware is in place...almost ready to seat the main mast.


taking the larger of the kit supplied 'rope',  a length of it was 'stained' with some Testor's flat tan paint.   the anchor was lashed onto one end....on the other,  an eye bolt.


an eye bolt was added to the bow stem,   and a hole was drilled into the bow deck.   the anchor rope eye bolt was cemented in place,  the rope coiled and then cemented on the deck behind the sampson post.   the anchor ended up on top of the coil of rope.


this brings the time close to supper.........and I'm supposed to make my shaved steak subs.  I certainly will try to get more done.......I do,  and you'll see it here  ;)    as always.....thanks for look'in in.

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Hi Denis


Well....once again, you’ve blitzed through so much work, (even though you said your mind was preoccupied with work😉!)...Nonetheless, what a little beauty, your Noreen is turning out to be.  Speaking of work, I hope that things turn out for the better for you.  Job hunting is not a pleasant thing to do...so, I wish you well in that respect.


It’s funny, how models such as yours, immediately gets one to imagining the sound of the waves, the wind howling across the deck and the deck furniture, the smell of the sea and the sound of the fresh fish, gasping for life on the deck and nets...


Yep, Denis.  There’s no shortage of character and charm in your ship.


Well done!





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hello all....back for another {hopefully} exciting week of modeling.  work is changing over to a whole new direction.......I'm positive I can do the work involved,  but the question is,  will I enjoy it enough to stay.   part of me is very doubtful,  given by what I've seen through the years I've been there...this will be my 14th year.  I want to thank you for the positive comments...glad to see I'm not making a pig's ear of her  ;)   


thanks Lou and Pat....I've experienced posting problems too.   post a comment,  later to find that the post never showed,  and it's still in the comment box when I go to post another comment.  I thought it was just me,  not hitting the submit box  :D    I'm not nutz after all!!!  emoticones_dibujos_popeye-el-marino1_en.PlanetaEmoticon_com.gif.ff4aaec80a72ff2facc99975d7978a8e.gif

thanks Zappto......glad to hear you like my planking.  I'm not expert at it,  but I do my best.


thanks Piet.......it was just a cheap school grade paper punch.....I didn't know my own strength!  gotta be the spinach!  so,  let that be a lesson to you all...eat your spinach,  'an yas kin be as strong as me... AK-k-k-kk-kk!


thanks Patrick.......I think we all {as modelers} try our best to instill some level of realism in our models.  I feel the ability is a good barometer,  to measure how we've advanced as modelers.   fishing boat really aren't that hard,  since there are so many way that they can be enhanced....the Andrea Gail is a good example.   I hope to do more when I start the second Nordkap  {but that won't be for a while yet}.   I'm humbled by your comment.


thanks Samson and John.  in the generic world of kit models,  it's nice to know that we have the upper hand with the finished product.   in reference to the 'outer limits'........we can fine tune the functionality,  we can change the probability to a soft blur,  and raise the concept to crystal clarity.  I can't remember the last model that I built out of the box...I have too much fun bashing them.   you know me too well John........I still treasure your visit.  ;) 


.....on to the tables!  :) 

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