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This book is mentioned elsewhere in the forum, but it wasn't until I was snooping through my party host's bookcase that I discovered this gem. What a book! 3700 articles arranged from Aalesun, a seaport on the Norwegian coast, to Zulu, a type of fishing vessel peculiar to the NE coastal ports of Scotland. (We learn here, among much else,  that carvel hull had a pronounced rake and that they were rigged w/ a dipping lug foresail and a standing lug mizzen. The model pictured in the book is a beauty.) 


Copyright 1988. High quality paper, crisp text, with binding that makes it a pleasure to hold.  Bought it used online from you-know-who.Com.  $4.99. 


Can you beat that? 


Merry Christmas, all 

Oxford Companion.jpg

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This book has helped me greatly.  It's my go to book for nautical information.  Highly recommended.


If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea  

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Received my copy yesterday. A 1976 edition (probably a little less accurate!). I only hope the author's already been paid, less than $5 (including shipping!) for a 970 page hard-bound book is not going to make anyone rich.


Thanks for the recommendation.



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I've bought the 2005, 2nd edition, hard copy from amazon.uk prime for £6.65...received it 10 mins ago. It looks brand new and never been opened.


I find reference books easier to read since I don't have to commit to reading the full book over a certain period....I only need to read the bits I'm interested in on any particular day 🙂


The book will first spend a few days in the 'decontamination ward'.


Thanks for the heads-up.



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Finestkind! Been around for years. From the folks that brought us The Oxford Dictionary of the English Language ("OED" citation in academic works. It's the academic gold standard.) That's what its a "companion" to. There's a movie out starring Mel Gibson about how they made the OED, The Professor and the Madman, now on Prime or Netflix, one of the two. Worth a watch.


I think of it every time a newbie posts a question asking what some nautical term means. As my father used to say, "Look it up in the dictionary yourself. That way you'll remember it."

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