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Question on lining a hull for planking

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I am marking the locations of the planks for my second planking layer.  The midship length gives me a total of 25 planks needed.  According to literature, it seems that I'm supposed to divide the  total length of each bulkhead by 25 at each bulkhead to get the width needed for the planks at that bulkhead,  For instance, a full 7 mm plank width at midship and then tapering in width to bulkhead #1 near the bow.  As you can see on the photo, the garboard strake (plank #25) does not naturally seem to reach bulkhead 1.  The curve would appear too sharp and unnatural.  I'm not sure if I'm measuring the plank widths for bulkhead 1 correctly.  Should I have another measuring line at the end of the garboard strake and divde by twenty four along that lline?
Any suggestions?
Thank you,
Don B.



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For a hull like Victory I would recommend at least one drop plank under the lower wale.  This would reduce the total number of planks that need to run to the stem rabbet.  In addition as you can see below,  not all 25 planks will make it to bulkhead one....or even bulkhead two really.   Therefore you need to reduce the number of planks you divide that bulkhead into.  Considering that you will most likely have to add that drop plank as mentioned.   You will probably only have far fewer planks along bulkhead 1 as you thought. 


BUT,  before you even get that far,   find the run of your wales from bow to stern and use battens, thin tape or even string to lay them out on the hull.   The positions for the wales can be taken from the plans.  It is very important that you find the run of your wales first and once you find the run for your lower wale you will probably need to start the whole process of lining off below them over again.   This includes planning for a drop plank.  I can not see where you show the run of the wales on your hull.  




Also see this



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Suspect you are measuring the chord between the bulkheads, then using that for your planks, but the planks need to span the arc of the curve, a greater distance than the chord from bulkhead to bulkhead. Seems small, but is accumulative, especially as the curve radius decrease around the bows and stern. jud 


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