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Hello All

I am new to ship building I have always wanted to start doing it but I've had other priorities. I am 50 now and I am finally doing it. I have always built things but I know this will be a challenge. I am starting with the Sultana but I had to stop because I was careless and I put the hull templates on my office chair and my puppy had fun with them. I am currently trying to locate or get replacement templates, I have called model shipways and they said they will send them out but it has been 3 weeks.

Sorry for going on, anyways I am looking forward to getting going it will be challenging and fun at the same time.

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Welcome, Randy!


I am 51, and also New to the hobby!  I also am building the HMS Sultana.  I’m sure you know there is a great practicum with pictures by Chuck Passaro on this kit.  I hope you take the opportunity to read it before jumping in the the bulkhead work.  I am following this as the main guide for achieving my first completion but it can be challenging. 


Please see see my log on my current (slow...) build of my Sultana!


I will look forward to your build!  Please take time to start a log as the folks here have some awesome experience to share.  I hope you enjoy the hobby!  





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