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Support model ship world´s ban of certain manufacturers

Manuel Luis

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AFTER VIEWING ZHL models ROYAL Caroline build log, I ordered one on their web site, I also ordered Enterprize and wood,

in total the order came close to $4000. Thanks to this forum I cancelled my order and ordered what I wanted  from Model Expo And The  Lumberyard. Never again will I look for anything related to ship modeling in China, only the US and Europe.

Thank you for the warning

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The US of A and Europe are not a perfect marketplace but by and large one can be assured that the work products hold up to quality and integrity checks. Not so with China and a few others. Stealing one's intelec or by passing tried and true manufacturing practices seems to be a way of life for certain earth dwellers. Case in point beyond the pirating you have read about on this web site is the recent discovery that Lumber Liquadator's was purchasing laminate flooring from China only to find buyers here were getting sick from it, due, if I recall, incredibly high formaldehyde out gassing. The manufacturer lied ( and so did the reseller) about the product to inspectors. In our economy we do not need to deal with such problems. You were wise to reconsider!


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