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Original 44 frigates' ship wheel

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Pretty much like the double but there would only be  a wheel at the foreward end of the barrel. Here is the wheel on the inboard works of the Seaford class sloop HMS Rose of 1757. Think similar but larger

hms rose wheel.jpg

Drown you may, but go you must and your reward shall be a man's pay or a hero's grave

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'k, thanx!

I probably misinterpreted the reference...

In "Constitution Close Up: Minutiae for the Modeler and Artist" by Cmdr Tyrone G. Martin, U.S. Navy (retired}, he writes "1804 - Ship fitted with single wheel. [Quarter Bill, American Antiquarian Society.] Inferred from the fact that the bill provides for only two men on the wheel." And then

"Feb 1809 - Ship fitted with double wheel. [Midshipman John M. Funck Quarter Bill, USSCM.] Inferred from the fact that four men are provided for the wheel."

Maybe the ship's wheel was damaged and they had to use a single until proper repairs were made...?

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A ship of 1500 tons would need enough 'spoke-space', if you will, for four men in rough weather, if needed. A single wheel wouldn't give enough purchase for a ship of the USS Constitution's class. She displaced nearly enough water as a British 74. 


The USS Wasp of 1806, however, is thought to have had a single wheel, but she was only 500 tons.

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