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Gun deck bulwark color

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The bulwarks on the upper (spar) deck of a 18th century warship were painted red, along with other deck furniture.  What about the bulwarks on the second deck or gun deck?  Were they also typically painted red?  Perhaps white, to brighten the dark space a bit.

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Hi Dave;


The contemporary model of HMS Ajax in the Science Museum archive,  which I have studied and photographed out of its case,  has red bulwarks and black spirketting on its upper deck (the black spirketting is not as common as red,  from what I have seen)  This is then repeated on the lower deck,  although it is much more difficult to see.  The centre-line fittings on the lower deck are also painted red,  as are the sides of all the deck beams to the upper deck and lower deck (and presumably their undersides,  although none of my photographs show these)


All the best,


Mark P

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