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Viking Drakkar by StönCüld - Amati - 1:50 - Tim Hurst

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So I finally have begun my Drakkar build. This is my first wood model, and my first ship. I am pretty excited about it. I just set up my turntable and stereo in my new basement with my modeling desk, it’s pretty nice and very relaxing to listen to some classic country and fiddle away with this kit.

     I started by cutting the center beam and ribs away then filed or sanded any excess (flash?). Then used a small vice with some t shirt remnance to hold the keel while I applied glue with a small carving tool to each ribs joint and each joint in the center beam, then used some small clamps on each piece to hold it in postition. I then used a small straight edge to check if they were square and adjust accordingly. 

  I have yet to decide if I will use the dragon figurehead included with the kit or the scroll piece, or possibly make something custom? I have plenty of time to mull it over I suppose.

   If you are wondering why the beginning model is hanging from some wire from my ceiling, it’s to keep it away from my cats.  











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5 minutes ago, Jim Rogers said:

Music and Modeling go hand in hand. I am more of an old school rock and roll vintage equipment guy. I like the lines on your build. 


Thanks man! Is that white thing a cleaning machine, or some crazy audiophile tt? Oh, and I enjoy some rock & roll as well.

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