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With the new year came an assessment of my normal size shop tools and some of my modeling tools. I have a Unimat SL1000 lathe that I have used since I bought it in the 1980's. Sometime after that I bought the following Unimat accessories/attachments:

1. Table saw with miter gauge, fence and spindle attachment for blade; Used very lightly, next to new

2. Jointer with cutter; Used very, very little, next to new

3. Fret Saw; Never used; still in the oil wrap

4. Flex coupled attachment; Next to new; just can't recall if I ever used it still in the box


The vintage is the hammered green finish.


I cherish my tools and they are well kept. None of these accessories show any signs of abuse or rust. Some still in their original oil wrapping. Cherish them I do believe me but there comes a time when we have to push back and take a horizon view of these treasures. I am willing to sell them singly or as a package. Please contact me through the e-mail channel if interested. I can send photos to interested parties.


This an update pictures follow. I mislabled the sabre/jig saw. It is a fret saw. The jointer, fret saw and flex drive still have the original boxes.









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I still enjoy my DB200 Unimat, circa 1970. It is a very versatile power tool. Thoroughly recommended, and other accessories are available on eBay.

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Ahoy Mates


I have had my SL 1000 since 1971. I have used it very little since I had access to the machines in the die shop I worked in until I retired. Since then I have used it for some parts. I just bought new bearing for it along with belts. Here's what mine looks like with the quick change tool post and auto feed. I just ordered slide feed for the tail stock. So drilling a hole is easy,especially  for small drill bits. I have full size Bridgeport J had mill and 12" logan lathe, but they are sometimes too big for the small jobs in modeling. This is the Unimat after I have removed it to out the new bearings into the spindel. I use it in a clear plastic booth that looks like a paint booth. That way I can use it in my work area without throwing chips and sanding dust all over. I have a shop vac conected hose in the back just behind the head stock to pull nything that's created by turning. 



cheerful pianted 1-9-2018 001.JPG

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