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How do I attach Caldercraft deadeye strop to chainplate?


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I posted this question in my HM Brig Supply build thread, but thought I'd put it here for better visibility.


I can not for the life of me work out how I am supposed to attach the Caldercraft supplied deadeye strops to the top of the chain plate.


I have searched for hours and can't find any images of Caldercraft style items, so any help would me massively appreciated.




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Dan Vadas gave me the required answer on my build thread, reposted here for anyone else who happens to be searching for this info:


All you need to do is close up the ends of the black deadeye strap, leaving it wide enough to pass the brass strap through. Then make a hook in the brass strap, fit it through the black strap and close it up. It's not really authentic (reasonably close though), but fairly typical of the way that kits do it. After you've fitted the deadeyes to the chainplates put a drop of CA glue onto both straps to make sure they can't open again.


A better way would be to silver solder the black strap closed (without the deadeye in) and do the same as above.


And a photo of my efforts, will have to look into silver soldering.



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