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caulking represent

First ahead: I am building only cover surfaces with boxwood strips!
Boxwood is next pearwood one of the "must use" wood for the ship model building.
It is very hard, and
Fine-grained texture for covering surfaces, walls, etc. THE VERY best material. Boxwood is also stain very well and you can carve the best things from it.

For caulking;

In the various articles you can read again and again, that the caulking is more or less (usually more) very difficult to make .
In shipbuilding caulking is done like this: #


As you can see love modeling community, this work is not easy.

I go for my deck areas as follows:

1.   Boxwood board coat both sides with black paint. I carry Plakafarbe (Kaseinpainture)




2.   Sawing planks




3.   Place Planks



4.  Sanding planks pull off, sealed




5.  The artwork proudly display the yard Upper supervision






i hope this way to caulking Decks will help sometimes

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That looks good. I have done that with black and grey for more modern ships. I first read about that technique in a book, either Underhill or Longridge. They were writing in the 1920s and 30s and Underhill in the 50s. It is a very effective technique.



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Interesting way of imitation of seams on a deck flooring. Some modellers, applying this way, bring on levels the black paint mixed with PVA glue. Thus strips between boards turn out a little more widely, than when putting one paint.

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Hello Garward

this is also a good possibility for caulking.

Noted, however, the width of seams on ships between 1-2 cm are. Is rather usual 1 cm.
This means at a scale of 1:50, the seam is 0.2 mm wide.
In this manner the cover will get a perfect caulking.
I have used this method in 1985 for the first time
for the Phantom, NY pilot schoner. This model was scratch built in 1:50 scale


The Phantom is now currently at the German Technical Museum, Berlin


Here is a top view of the foredeck





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