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good day not finding the desired page may be looking for bad decided to create a new Leave to the court several types of stoves all of them will be installed in the Bonhomme Richard 1779 which I quietly building a scale of 1:48 am sorry the process of building't take pictures only ready to view if you have proposals and comments with a great pleasure will be interesting to see who else is doing it, Anatoly


добрый день не найдя нужной страницы может искал плохо решил создать новую Предоставляю  на суд несколько видов печек все они будут установлены в Bonhomme Richard 1779 который я потихонечку строю в масштабе 1:48 извиняюсь процесс построения не фотографировал только готовый вид если есть предложения и замечания с удовольствием приму было бы интересно посмотреть кто как делает это Анатолий



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Anatoly,Amazing work and beautiful.I love the eggs in the pan.You Sir are an artist.

  Best Regards  Larry

With Age Comes Wisdom,I'm Still Waiting!


Current Builds:Syren.Triton Cross section.

Completed Builds: Virginia by AL

                           King of the Mississippi by AL

                           Constellation by AL

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Those stoves are simply amazing.



Every build is a learning experience.


Current build:  SS_ Mariefred


Completed builds:  US Coast Guard Pequot   Friendship-sloop,  Schooner Lettie-G.-Howard,   Spray,   Grand-Banks-dory

                                                a gaff rigged yawl,  HOGA (YT-146),  Int'l Dragon Class II,   Two Edwardian Launches 


In the Gallery:   Catboat,   International-Dragon-Class,   Spray

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Amazing again.


I think I will give up ship modeling and take up knitting socks   :)  - I can't get any where near your standard!


Ian M.

Ian M.


Current build: HMS Unicorn  (1748) - Corel Kit


Advice from my Grandfather to me. The only people who don't make mistakes are those who stand back and watch. The trick is not to repeat the error. 

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