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Good morning everyone, my name is Andrew and I'm a new member here on ModelShipWorld. I was convinced to join by an eBay member who recently sold me #139/200 of Bluejacket's USS Olympia kit. A little about myself, I'm a lifelong plastic modeler who took a pause during college. I recently left the military and with more time on my hands decided to jump back in with Bluejacket's 1/192 John C. Butler class destroyer escort which I am building as DE-404 USS Eversole which was sunk on October 28, 1944 by two torpedoes at the Battle of Leyte Gulf (http://www.navsource.org/archives/06/404.htm). 


I chose a more advanced wood kit because I'd gotten bored with the rote repetition of a plastic kit: snip, clean, glue, fill, sand. Repeat. Progress has slowed due to a move but if there is interest, I'll post a build log. The fact that nearly every major piece must be fabricated by the modeler has greatly improved my scratch-building skills. I plan on building a few more wooden kits, at the least. My long-term goal for the hobby is to culminate with a full plank-on-frame build of the USS Constitution; however, I have many skills to learn before then (ie. planking, rigging). After I complete the Eversole, I may try a beginner level plank-on-frame kit in order to start learning the skills needed for my goal. Until then, I plan on just enjoying the journey. 


At any rate, hello and happy modelling!



BlueJacket Eversole.JPG

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