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USS Samuel B Roberts (DE-413) by andygp5 - Bluejacket - Scale 1/192 - built as USS Eversole (DE-404) at Leyte Gulf, 1944

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Good evening fellow ship modelers,


I'm new to the forum here, introduced myself the other day in the new member forum. 

I've been working on Bluejacket's 1/192 Samuel B. Roberts Destroyer Escort. However, I've chosen to model DE-404, USS Eversole, which fought at and was sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. I chose to model the Eversole for two reasons 1) I love reading about the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and 2) dazzle camouflage fascinates me. Choosing the USS Eversole allowed me to research both the battle and the camouflage, all the while having fun. When it was sunk, the Eversole wore Measure 31/2c. All paint colors are mixes of Model Master enamels matched to paint chip color charts I used as part of a research project in college. 


This is an impressive solid wood hull kit that supplies plans, styrene, brass rod, brass photo-etch, and great detailed metal fittings, as well as rigging supplies. To the kit contents, I've added 3D printed 5 inch gun turrets, 5 inch gun turret mounts, 40mm Bofors, and a couple other little odds and ends like life preservers to liven up the ship even more. Also additionally, I've been using Tom's Modelworks 1/192 US Naval Doors, 1/192 Portholes, 1/192 Vertical and Horizontal Ladders, and 1/200 Premium 3D railing. I may or may not add Tom's 1/192 Depth Charge Racks, Flotation Racks, and Destroyer Radar. 


This build log will commence from maybe 30% complete, as that's where the Eversole stands today! I've been painting by hand with oil paints which shows in the up-close pictures, but that's okay by me as I don't have access to or space for an airbrush setup right now. This kit has been great for improving my scratch-building skills, adding little details shown on the ship's plans provided in the kit here and there.  


I acknowledge there are some odds and ends that need fixing, filling and repainting. I'm slowly but surely getting to them.                                                                                                                   Finally, on to pictures:


(Image source: http://www.navsource.org/archives/06/404.htm)



(Image source: http://www.usndazzle.com/Destroyer Escorts Drawings/339 2C.jpg)


Thanks for looking, and happy modeling!




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Very Nice Andrew,


I have that model on the shelf and it has a special meaning to me. My uncle was on the Samuel B when she was sunk.

Luckily he was one of the survivors. I look forward to following along.


"So Long For Now" B) 


Current Builds: HMS Winchelsea 1/48  Duchess of Kingston


Completed Build Logs: USF Confederacy , US Brig Syren , Triton Cross Section , Bomb Vessel Cross SectionCutter CheerfulQueen Anne Barge, Medway Longboat


Completed Build Gallery: Brig Syren , 1870 Mississippi Riverboat , 1949 Chris-Craft 19' Runabout


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