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HMS Tiger 1747 by Siggi52 - 1:48 - 60 gun ship from NMM plans

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Hello Steven,

you are right, it's rice paper. But I did't rub it, it's just because I wetted it before I painted it. Two pages before this one I have written little more about building these little guys.

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Hello and many thanks for all your likes and comments,


the foundry stand still, no more tin left for casting. But I ordered new one. In the meantime I'm got frustrated from painting the first batch of cannons. I don't know why, but the paint at some places just wipe away. This morning I washed all the paint away with acetone and hoped that this was it now. I painted all the cannons new and let them dry till tomorrow. 


Here some pictures of that what I did yesterday and today. At the first picture I turned the tompion to the muzzle. At the second picture you could see it better. Later I cut it in front of the the ring. Then I painted the cannons and at the third picture from today all the cannons had there cascable filed to shape and are new painted.





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a short update. The painter is still working and has a lot of work waiting for him. This is the first batch of cannons, the second batch is casted but not ready painted. When all the paint is dry, I cut the cast cone. The cannons will then look like the two to the left.


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Hello and again, many thanks for your likes and comments


it is done, the cannons are ready!

The next thing to do are the carriages for them. That would take some time, but always better then finishing the port lids 😙


That are now all cannons with some plus. The painter painted the tompions black. I had a look at models from that time and when the muzzles of the cannons are black, then the tompions where red or white. If the muzzles where red, the tompions are black or in some cases white.


For all of you, a happy and sound Eastern 🐣




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Many, many thanks for all the likes and friendly comments.


At least, the cannons looking in reality much better then here at the pictures, 3,5 times larger then in real. It's like you are look at a polished surface through a microscope. 

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yesterday I build up the side pieces for the cannons and today I made the drawings for the axles, so that the carpenters tomorrow have enough to work.

I work here after Muller and his list of dimensions.


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Hello, and many thanks for all the likes and comments


I had been a little lazy the last days, but today I assembled the first carriages. First I turned the arms to the axles. For that I build that little thing you see to the right. It is hollow and has the diameter of the arms. I'm sorry, my english ☹️, but I hope you understand what I would say.




And today I started to assemble all the parts. To build the jig was most time consuming, but then it war an easy working.



And here the first 24 pdr, now without wheels. They come later and tomorrow the last carriages.


You could see here also how I build up the sides. The form for the 24 pdr canons has a defekt I did't see when I made the form. Later I had not enough material left to correct that. But in reality it is hardly visible. So I left it so.

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and many thanks for all the likes and comments


I'm still working at the arsenal. But because we have here the best weather since ever, no rain since six weeks, and always sunshine, I took my lathe and reside now in the conservatory. 


Here I turned all the wheels. That took me two days busy. Then I build the stool beds down in the basement, I would't bring up my whole equipment



and the wedges. The handles are from 1 mm rods I made for the Dragon. 


And here the result




Tomorrow I have to buy new material and then turn the wheels for the other canons. These are now oiled and could dry in the sun until I paint them red. That is a drawback from the LED lights, they have no UV radiation in there program and most oils need them to harden. 


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Wow! How much you have packed into just a few pages a lifetime of knowledge for the construction of ships of the  17th and 18th century. Thank all who has contributed to Siggi's build log  of your knowledge too. Look foward to following this fantastic build to the finish.

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Hello and many thanks for your likes and comments

@Learner, please do not make it toooo thick. I do not know so much and then only about ships from the middle of the 18th century. 🤥


I'm back in the basement, it's raining here! 27l/qm yesterday, wow. Next week I have to mow my lawn for the first time this year.


But back to the arsenal. I turned the wheels for all cannons and made the axles for the 12 pdr. That is not my world, mass production. Just that I say it now, I do NOT rigg the cannons! Most of them you would't see at all. But here some pictures from today. All the sides, the axles, transoms and the wheels. And one assembled cannon, the rest will follow tomorrow.






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Hello and thank you for the likes and comments,


today I finished the carriages for the 12 pdr. The master shipwright was very pleased. Now only the dozen 6 pdr's are left. 😀 But after that comes the paint job and all the hardware 😟



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Hello and thank you for the many likes and comments,


yesterday and today I was busy bending eye- and ringbolts. That is not my world, mass fabrication and this is just the beginning 😧

But here the first results. For the gun deck I would't fitting out more cannons with these bolts, because you would't see them later. But I have to install at least the bolts for the ship. 



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Hello and thank you all for your likes and comments,


today, the gun deck got his guns 😊

To get all at the same high


and that they are


The port side guns, from my mothers side I'm Prussia


And here they are on board. The decks where very curved in those days





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