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HMS Tiger 1747 by Siggi52 - 1:48 - 60 gun ship from NMM plans

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On 18/5/2021 at 11:00, Siggi52 said:


Después de un largo tiempo de meditación sobre el siguiente paso, y no hay nada más que hacer en el jardín, no tuve más excusas para empezar a pintar las papas fritas. No dormí bien anoche, y las primeras pinceladas fueron realmente horribles, pero al menos creo que lo entendí. Mis nervios se calman  😊


Fui con el barco a mi jardín de invierno (?) Y usé mis sillas de campaña para sostener mi barco. Fue una muy buena idea, porque podía girar el barco en la dirección que necesitaba para trabajar. La primera imagen le muestra este montaje.




Y aquí estoy pintando. Usé al menos solo tres colores y el azul de Prusia para las correcciones. 



y el primer resultado. Este es un trabajo de al menos 3 horas. 



Great job, what acrylics are you using? Maybe vallejos and what brush number and brand please. Delighted with your results, very good.

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7 hours ago, Jorge Diaz O said:

Great job, what acrylics are you using? Maybe vallejos and what brush number and brand please. Delighted with your results, very good.

Good morning Jorge, and thank you for the compliment.

yes, the brand of the paint is Vallejo. No 70.949, 70.913, 70.983 and for the background 70.899. The brush I use is from Boesner, a German dealer for artists, 3/0 Synthetic Retuschierpinsel BSR03. That is there own brand. But I think you could do it with every brand as well.

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On 20/5/2021 at 3:34, Siggi52 said:

Buenos días Jorge y gracias por el cumplido.

sí, la marca de la pintura es Vallejo. No 70.949, 70.913, 70.983 y para el fondo 70.899. El pincel que utilizo es de Boesner, un distribuidor alemán de artistas, 3/0 Synthetic Retuschierpinsel BSR03. Esa es su propia marca. Pero creo que también podrías hacerlo con todas las marcas.


Thank you very much, it will be very useful to me.

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Thank you Mark,

the frieze is 8 mm high, that means in real life 38,4 cm. So it's not so large, but very complex. If the real ships where all times so rich decorated I don't know. May be at there launch, but most of there life I think not. Also many models had there frieze painted only blue ore black.


Here the weather is actual very could and rainy, so it's to cold to sit in the winter garden and paint. So I'm trying to draw the upper part of the frieze. But not the mermaids and there companions, but with trophy bundles. My painting skills are also limited.

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Hello Keith,

thank you for your request. But I don't know why your post is't visible here. 

Anyway, after painting half of the frieze I was so exhausted, I had to make a break before painting the other half. But then the summer started here and I decided to be lazy. Just a little work in the garden and relaxing. 

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Hello Dowmer,

here are all things ok. I'm vaccinated, and the flooding is more in the west and south of Germany. But that is really heavy there. We here in the north had till now a really normal summer. It was't so hot here and now and then a little, or a little heavier rain. But also here where regional some basements flooded, but no houses destroyed. And that should be more normal for the next years! ☹️

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Hello and thank you all for your likes and comments,

today I'm finished the frieze. That was a lot of work, more then expected, but now it's done












The next thing to paint is now the lower counter. 


If you like colourful ships, I uploaded yesterday 3 albums of Russian ship models from the 18. century, they have here in the Eutin castle museum.

https://www.schloss-eutin.de They where once a present of the Russian Tsar around 1806

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Hello and again, many thanks for your likes and nice comments, they are very appreciated 


Today I finished painting the lower counter. This is the look from below (in this case from above)




and this from behind




Next I would paint the frieze left and right from the quarter deck. I would like to paint there trophy bundles. The question here is, should I leave out the gun ports, or the windows? Because the windows are also decorated with wreaths, I tend to paint over the gun ports. But first I have to make some drawings. 

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Hello and many thanks for your likes and comments,


today I finished the drawing for the upper frieze. I do not know if I should do it this way. I painted all the flags and shields in there original colours. The rest I would paint like the lower frieze in that ocker tone. (?) At some ships you could see it done this way. That would ad a little more colour to the frieze.



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there did't much happen last week. Last Monday I painted the first part of the upper frieze. But because the weather changed and it gets colder I went into the basement and forged the chain plates and today the rings for the gun ports.




I changed the colour of the flags to ocker, because the red flags where'd really visible on the dark blue background.


I let the cain plates etch, and because they should be in the middle 0,7mm and at the outside only 0,5mm I welded some tin on them. So that they bevels a little.



And today I made the rings for the gun ports lids. ☹️  They have an outside diameter of 2,2 and 1,8mm. 


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