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Thanks so much Rich, Elijah and the "likes".


Rich,get out your anti-boredom pills. The repetition of doing the guns, particularly the rigging, is almost mind numbing.


Elijah, were it not for physical issues that I was going through at the time that I did the coppering, I would probably have done the nailing in some fashion. I'm now just as happy that I didn't.






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All of the guns are now installed and rigged. A  big "thank you" to RustyJ for graciously providing me with the 1/8" Syren blocks that I needed to complete the gun rigging (they were out of stock). This is a perfect example of the generosity and friendship that make this site the great place that it is.










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While rigging the guns, I was also making up the gunport lids. I decided to finish and mount them at this point. The lids were made in two layers: laser cut pieces from the kit that were painted red and boxwood strip planking, cut to fit. The hinges are black paper. Blackened eyebolts were bent over and inserted into drilled holes. The lids at the aft end, where there are no guns, were mounted in the closed position.


The next work will be on the head.








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Well, I've been up north for the past couple of weeks having a medical procedure, but now it's back to work on PdN. I've done the head work , which is somewhat simpler than on others that I've done. That's not to say that it is ever easy to fit the cheeks and rails, but at least there was no middle rail or eking rail to fit. Once again, the plans and instructions are very vague on details, so I just fumbled along. All of the parts were made from boxwood sheet and strip.









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