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In search of Whaleboat crew

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Some years ago I built the Bluejackets New Bedford whaleboat. I mounted it on a base with a stylized sperm whale, harpooned and towing the boat.



While building it, I intended to populate the boat with a crew. I have not installed all the paraphernalia that they stuffed into these boats, pending addition of the crew. Alas, the scale of this model is 1/3”=1-0” (so what’s that .... 1:33 ?), I am running to dead ends searching for figures that might be adaptable in this fashion. 


Any advice?

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Thank you for responding. Indeed, I have now been searching sites for 1:35 ( or thereabouts) figures, and the search continues. 


The second post was a weak pre-apology to those who might respond that I ought to have first looked at the pinned topic “In need of ... boat crew members” before  posting my question. There were many good tips in that topic that I ought to have looked at first. 


Nonetheless, additional suggestions would be welcomed, as I am still looking. 


Thanks again. 


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Military modellers have literally THOUSANDS of figures available at a scale of 1:35 and I am sure you will be able to find figures posed and dressed exactly as you like. I just ordered figure sets from HobbyInc for figures I required for a diorama to copy a famous photograph of a meeting between King Aziz of Egypt, FDR, Admiral Nimits and an interpreter that took place on the cruiser Quincy. In my case I had to find clothing and poses that matched the photograph and was able to match each figure pretty accurately.


The military figure kits come with the body parts all separated so you can mix and match if you don't like the arm position of this figure you can take one from another figure.

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Beware that most of these figures may be actually in the so-called 54 mm scale, which is officially 1:32. The 1:35 scale started off, I believe, as a proprietary scale in the early 1970s(?) of the company Tamiya that specialised in military models originally. If you put a 1:35 and a 1:32 scale figure next to each other the difference is usually noticeable, but it depends on the manufacturer as well.

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Thanks to both for your kind comments. 

I now have a much higher respect for those who frequently work with this type figure. Much more difficult than I anticipated to place limbs where you want them and to hold onto such irregular shapes with a forceps while cementing into place. Used a lot of CA de-bonder on my fingers. 

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