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Which came first: chick... sorry, deck planking or deck fitting?

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Hi All, 

Apologies in advance if it's a stupid question, but what would you do first on a cambered deck, would you fit the false deck onto the frame first, and then plank it, or plank and then fit? 

On a couple of previous builds I fitted and then planked, but with the current one, bigger and with more stuff on it than anything before, I'd be tempted to do planking first - there's more complexity, and it would be easier to prepare the deck 'offline' before putting it in. I mean, the false deck has already been fitted in terms of size and position, and it could be glued in already; so no further adjustment will be required with or without planking. My only concern (ignorance is bliss! :)) is that if I plank it first, gaps between planks could open wide(r) when I camber the deck, or that some other dimensions might go astray. The camber isn't massive, but it's noticeable - the sides are going down by about 2 mm each, at about 15 cm width.

Either of the ways are generally fine by me; I'm just trying to think which one is easier... without creating major problems further down the line. 


Thanks in advance, 



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