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The Tumblin' Dice by popeye the sailor - Artesania Latina - 1:80 - Mississippi riverboat

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that's why I didn't put the tongue in there  :D  :D    that would have clinched it........I'd have Mick thump'in on my head! ;)   thanks CDW!


thanks Pat.......I figured I'd better get busy on her,  or the admiral would have killed me :unsure:   she never left the table anyway,  so it wasn't hard to pick up where I left off.   I have a few more pictures of what I did later last night. I'll have them up soon  :) 


thanks OC.........I thought I'd show one of the folks on there.......does look kinda neat :)  Chris is correct.........the 1:87 scale figures work well on this model.   


thanks to all who hit the like button  :) 

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at the moment......the camera is 'feeding'.   I got the pictures out beforehand,  so I can show you the new additions.  the aft railings got the cap rail added to it.   in a way,  this worked out,  because of the slight curvature of the deck.  if the cap rails were on, it may have been harder to get the railings to bend as much as I needed them to.


the windows were added at this point........the port side railings were also added at this point


the cap rails for this side.........and the windows




I used the tinted cello that I have on hand......with the upper deck open,  you can see into the cabins pretty good.  once closed off though,  the view might be a lot less.   it will be a bit harder to add the windows to the fore and aft ends,  due to the curves.   the smoke stacks are dry now.....I'm letting them set a bit longer.


I done some work to the stairs.....   hand rails are on.  I'm still plugg'in away ;) 


that piece comes from the one on the left.........I cut it off trying to fit it in place.  more updates soon  :) 

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ohhhhhh.........I hope I can emulate the sentiments.  but keep on cheering me on with the stairs........I may succeed :D   gonna be tough this week though with Thanksgiving festivities going on.   I will try and have some sort of update on her.   thanks for the vote of confidence Sam and Michael :)   

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Fascinating problem, those spiral staircases.  I've been looking at them with a view, possibly, to having spiral access ladders between decks at locations like this one:


I think my approach would be similar to yours, but once I'd made each of the steps I'd glue an upright (spindle, I think it's called) to it.  That way I might get it truly vertical.
I haven't yet thought how I'd make the banister rail though ...

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I left a comment on your log.........added to the thought of making the hole larger,  you need to take account of how much of the first level you have to work with.   it's a very interesting idea  ;)   glad you decided to come on board with a river boat project....you have very neat ideas!  :) 

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I did find one picture in the camera from last Friday.   small part really.........the start of making the capstan.


it's Thanksgiving today.......for all who observe this day.........We at the wharf send our best wishes and have something near and dear to be thankful for.

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thanks all for the kind comments and hit'in the like button :)   the wharf was shut down for the Thanksgiving festivities,  although I finally reboxed the paints I received recently.........I neglected to tell yas about it :blink:   well.........a fellow member here was dealing with another fellow,  who was selling off his brother's estate {condolences, sad but true},  and there was a huge amount of paint in the offerings.  he bought them up and sold them to me on the cheap.......a collection of Humbrol,  white ensign,  model master,  and testor's paint.  some of the paint was quite old........the testor's and model master didn't fair too well,  but in the end,  in just the Humbrol and white ensign paints alone,  I ended up with around 150, 14 ml paints...military and likewise.

   I had separated them all according to country......INJ, KM, US,  etc.   finding paint charts was equally as fun.   but now that Thanksgiving was over,  I had to box them up,  because I had them lined up all over the boxes of Christmas decorations.   I won't have a paint shortage in the near future,  I can tell ya that!  :)   one other piece of the estate that he though I'd be interested in,  is so awesome.........I've only dreamed about building something this large.........a kit of the Tamiya 1:200 New Jersey!   it has been already started,  but the gent did a super job with it,  as far  as he got......I likely won't have to do very much reassembly.  once I get a handle on projects and find the time,  I'll bring it out to work on....    I'm as giddy as a school boy  :) 

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if I were to say one word..........I'd perk up all who are waiting to see the day................stairs! 👀     yep!  I'd say I made some head way on them.   the one for the starboard side does have a problem though.........it's twisted and won't sit flush.   I'm having to make some gyro adjustments on it........so far, so good.

    the port side is faring better though.......I've had to do quite a bit of sanding to get it over enough to accept the port side.   pictures are being compiled as we speak ;)    


did ya miss me.............I just put a coat of paint on the starboard stairs.   I'm using the paints for the first time Lou...........should be particularly interesting for you.   I'll be right back.......

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It is a metal hook used to attach wool or cloth while it dries, usually attached to a wooden frame or fence.  I would guess that the Brits expression is similar in meaning to our Yanks expression "on pins and needles."

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over here in the states,  we cal it on pins and needles.......or......in suspense :o {gotta have the face or it doesn't look right}.  even I don't even know what a tenterhook is....if it looks anything like the folks who like to hang from hooks.........I think I'd rather lie on a bed of nails ;)   towards the end of last week,  since the Thanksgiving holiday broke my week end up,  I decided to clean up the table and give myself more room.


the starboard stairs as I mentioned,  has some problems with it.   I added the inboard railing {the small one} and began to assess what to do with it.


after fitting it a couple of times,  I knew I had to add another step to the top.   I had already cut it off though........the thought was long gone, if not stale.  then came the major sanding and fitting on the port side staircase.  feeling like I had it where I wanted it,  it got the white base coat.  yes,  that's Pactra paint........gotta be some old stuff.  took a bit of doing to get the lid off!


in that collection of paint that I got was some Monogram brand Humbrol paint.........I never even knew that this brand of paint existed.  I got around 15 tins of this brand...different colors......some are actually quite bizarre.  this color here is what they call hull red........it looks brown to me,  and that's what I used it as.



as far as the treads go.......I may do something with them;  but if not,  I'll leave them as they are.  the starboard staircase took a bit of doing,  but I think this will work.   I had to add a slight wedge at the foot of the stairs.......it tilts on a slight angle.......I tried to get it out with no avail.  I also added another step at the top and added to the railing....two spindles.   with that,  I had to add to the handrail.



this staircase,  after more sanding and fitting,  got it's coat of paint too.  now they are a matching pair.........as close as I can get them ;) 



I'll let these dry for a spell........the paint seems to have retained a normal drying time,  but is still tacky at the moment.   I also drilled the holes in the bow fender,  so that's done and out of the way.   hoping to get them installed tonight.......but it may carry over till tomorrow.  boy.......making stairs certainly has it's ups and down.........don't they?!?!?!  ;) 

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guess what! 😤.........too small..........1714438992_images1.jpg.31200a31a948adb55f619b9eeb976afa.jpg    you'll be pleased to see..........

201164004_images2.jpg.e7a80ce07c95525bed1e313bd9ea2cf5.jpg      OK......OKKKKKK!   the stairs were dry..........I cemented them in place already...........jeeze! :unsure:

they are not perfect,  but they pass muster.  the only thing I'll need to do is elongate the port side a little......I can do that with them in place.



you can see the port side is missing a couple spindles.   it will bring the handrail to the same height as the starboard side.


the landing didn't come out too bad.......glad I didn't even it out any more though.   it would have ruined it and I would have had to start over.  th white treads don't look too bad either ;) 


when I fit the port side,  there wasn't any problem here.......but you can see a tiny bit of unevenness at the landing.  I tried to straighten it out,  but I think I'd need to alter it......    after what I did to the starboard side........nawwww,  it's fine ;)   I'll have to flip it over to paint underneath though.....I can see the underside as you peer in the front.   small deal........tomorrow.

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Hi Denis



At last the stairs are in. Great job.


I have to laugh though at one part. With almost 300 paints I sent you and thinking that the half that I had dragged up from my basement was not going to be worth anything, the first two colors were not from the paints that were brand new ones from the guy, but from my old paints!


As for the New Jersey. When he pulled it out of the back of his car to set it aside so he could get to the stuff that I wanted to look at, it just sat there and I could see a big flag waving over it that had DENIS written all over it so I added it to the take home stack. I'm glad that #1 I was right and #2 it made it to you in one piece!


I recently bought a old classic board game on eBay for my oldest son's birthday in June, (He is turning the big 50 and is not all that happy about it). I picked out one that not only was complete but had a better than average box top. It is amazing what kind of prices they want for this game even with halfway torn up boxes and broken towers that no longer work! Anyway the box arrived almost open with only two strings of tape still holding it and the outer box looked like the driver ran over it! Part of the instructions were even hanging out! I finished opening it with dread. Sure enough the game box top was split at all four corners and the tower was in three pieces! The seller had listed it as "Pristine" and the pictures for the most part had supported her! Not any more! I made her even madder when I refused to deal with UPS and used eBay to send it back at her expense ( I assume another $100 in postage) But I still will need to start all over looking on eBay for the "right" one!:( 

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what game was that?........mousetrap?  only game I know of that has a tower.   nope....the New Jersey came to New Hampshire without a single scratch on her!   .......another big thanks for think'in 'bout me :)   can't wait to build her......as mentioned,  the work that has been done on her looks really good,  not too much back tracking to do....even the paint.  I will have to touch up the outer hull though.......few scratches.   there's about 15 of those paints,  so I'll run through those first.   I was trying to find out the exact size of the tins........they are all 1/2 oz.   there was one other Pactra paint in the larger bottle......Artillery Olive.......have to see if it's viable.......it's a very common military color.   cripes,  back then,  Pactra was the go to paint.......they had many interesting colors and I liked how they were labeled.....right on the cap!   they are old...........but they dry just fine ;)   another huge thanks.......a deal well struck!   I'm not a huge fan of E-Bay..........a 'buy it now',....sure,  but I don't gt into bidding wars.  be wary that in some cases,  there has been a hidden bid that inflates the ceiling,  causing the buyer to bid more than the item is worth {a friend from Hawaii told me about this}.  you'll bid only to find that you've been outbid.......so you raise your bid.....and you've been outbid again!   that's what happened when I bought my second Cutty Sark,  before my friend told me......I paid $85.00 plus shipping.   using my friend's advice,  when I bought my second U.S.S. United States,  I waited till the time was almost done {1 min}, to post my bid.......I got it for $45.00 including shipping!

   yea.......I'm glad the stairs are done too.   I think my problem was that I was putting too much thought into them.  if I try to plan or think like that,  it doesn't work out right {goes for just about everything}.   but,  if I just do it.....without dwelling on stuff,  I have no problems.   it's probably the reason why I have so many projects.......I get an idea and go do it ;)    it's fine with me........I hear think'in keeps ya young :rolleyes:


thanks for the good word :)   keep me in your loop  :D 


BTW.......the Artillery Olive is viable........just needs some thinner ;) 

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2 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

what game was that?.

The game was "Dark tower" by Milton Bradly and the darn things are EXPENSIVE! I personally would not want one or pay as much as they want as I always thought the game was kind of stupid. But then I have been known to pay even more for a model I wanted. To each his own I suppose.


I NEVER get into bidding wars. I seldom even bid on an item before the last 10 seconds. Mostly more like 5 seconds. Then I bid the max that I am willing to pay. That way #1 people do not normally have time to respond to my bid and #2, if someone outbids me I at least made them pay more than I was willing to pay for whatever it was! :angry:


That bottle of Artillery Olive is possibly older than you are!

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