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popeye the sailor

The Tumblin' Dice by popeye the sailor - Artesania Latina - 1:80 - Mississippi riverboat

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thanks for all the kind comments and to those who hit the like button.   I did get back to the structure planking........sadly I didn't get back to the Norden though :( 

    I'll make it a point today.   the planking results came out a bit different than I was planning,  but the solution was very easy to come up with :) 


I use them for the same reason Piet.......this is why I needed a new pair.  I was at the hobby store one day and found that they were out of the brass rod I was looking for.   I saw some steel stuff and thought it would do the trick......boy........was I wrong!   it served well for the mast braces for the Nordkap......but it ruined a pair of cutters,  as well as the nail clippers I had at the time!  .....took those cutters and snapped them off at the jaw!  I still have some on hand......bought a larger pair of flat nosed nippers,  just in case I ever needed to use it again ;) 


hello Wallace!   glad to have you looking in :)   I really like them for trimming thread {rope}........gets within a hair of the knot,  so no tell-tale tails.   with all the tutorials and helpful folks here,  I like to think we are the 'go to' place for anything model related.   your here now.......your next model will look all the better for it  ;) 

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I should apologize.....every time I turn around,  I'm eluding back to the Nordkap.  it was my first........I learned my basics on that vessel.......even bashing and scratch building.   I do look at her from time to time..I see what I preach.  some thing could have been done differently,  but in retrospect,  what I did then was right for the time ;) 


as with other things I've don in the past........how many times have I stained anything,  since the Regina build?   I don't even think the log is here any more....fallout from the big crash.   all going well, until I went to restain the hull.   it wasn't even my model......Tom had sent the kit to me,  to build for him.   calling him to tell 'em the bad news.....I imagined him being upset....but he wasn't.  he even liked my simple solution of renaming the subject.......and so it was renamed after his wife.. ....called the Susan A.

    planking was going smoothly........the new clippers worked much better,  in trimming the excess planking along the edges.  the earlier photo showed.........5a96c776432a0_8.jpg.06db1e464decf55b7810b9c213fb13ec.jpg

sanding along the edges,  which prompted me to only go in one direction with the sanding stick,  created some small nicks.   tiny shards of wood...a couple of them can be seen in the picture.   when I got back to the table,  I finished this structure......while I was working on it,  I cut up the rest of what I had stained,  and started to plank the other one.




too bad I didn't try to make them uniform,  but the contrast of different planks boards is pretty neat.   every side need to have an altered plank......I didn't need to use the 3 mm plank,  but chose a given plank and fitted it in.   some it's hard to tell,  which I'm rather pleased about.   it had to happen......laying in wait,  looking for the right moment to spring the trap.   ......and in one fell swoop,  my attempt to touch up all the tiny nicks,  went very dark.



the stain even got on the edge molding....that had to be done as well.


planking over it isn't an option........neither is painting it.   the simplest solution is to change the direction slightly,  and do more in the way of painting,  than I wanted to.  I guess the admiral heard me,  'cuz when I went to get a drink {non alcoholic},  she went in and put it on the deck.   taking Gibbs out was added to the idle time.......when I got back to the table,  I looked at it,  keeping in mind her thoughts on it.



I had forgotten to remove the excess planking from inside the rear access holes for the paddle mechanism.   that was done,  making sure I stained the inside walls that likely will be seen.   little by little,  I was warming up to the changes I would have to make in my plans.


I like this room.  most of what I did this morning,  was done with no light.  it's well into the afternoon now....shadows were taking over,  lessening the ability to see.   time to resort to the crane lamp.


the other structure was in the process of being cleaned up.   of course,  the same results with those tiny nicks.   no matter,  the remedy has already been formulated..........on with the new direction  ;) 




next will be the four vents and all the doors.  ........and now for something completely different :)   painting the underside of the second level.


done in flat pale gray,  as with the underside of the main deck.   it's Billing's paint,  so I did it with a brush.   I hope to have more on her very soon  ;) 


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this morning has been a bit jumpy for me.......did a couple online applications.   seeing as some changes are to be made with the wood I use,  I started right in with the edging around the main deck.   I have some .5 x 3 mm mahogany thin strip that proved to be more flexible,  than what they supplied to use.   it also matches the bottom better as far as color goes.





the main deck,  after masking the bottom,  was given a couple coats of semi gloss lacquer.   when fully cured,  the gloss factor will be minimal,  but will seal the deck.   not a real good picture,  but it'll show how sunny the room is  :) 


the structures were given a couple coats of gloss lacquer.  I want more of a shine on them.


hard to tell in this light.......here's a batter one.....I hope  :) 


.....moving right along........   what?????.....an errand........oh bother! :o


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thanks for the kind comments and all who hit the like button :)   been rather busy this afternoon.....no time to do much.   after the structures and the main deck dried long enough,  I did a dry fit....    I'm happy with it.   I think it will be a nice change of pace to see one in a different color ;)   most that I've seen have been white {no offense....all the models I've seen have been done very well.......awesome,  in fact}.   we can blame it on Tom Sawyer for promoting whitewashing  :D 

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thanks for the kind comments gents.   and again,  thanks to those who hit the like button.   I spent some time at both tables....I cut my losses with the T.D.   I hit onto another problem,  and I caused another,  so better left alone.


thanks Grayhawk.......if they don't upgrade it,  they should at least look at it and cure some of these problems.   I'll explain when I post my update.


thanks John........I've warmed up to them.  especially since I looked at images of these vessels,  and found that they are indeed......mostly white.   I keep repeating the 'non conformist's oath'  ;) 

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good morning gents......on a chilly,  wet,  and potentially snow/slushy day {no snow yet......could very well come later}.   fairly big storm coming our way......so far just the rain and wind has moved in.   as mentioned,  I took a look at some images of river boats.   I found more modern vessels though,  and not older ones.  I must be real fussy.....I've found very few figures that reflect the period that I'm going for.  I may have to 'modern up' a bit,  so I can decide on what to get.  ...and yes,  white is the dominant color.

5a99701587fdd_creoleQueen.jpg.9172f8bf5a3477ebc998fe5fc5cd68f6.jpg   natchez.jpg.eefa1402b1d79e2d79b6b471602a265d.jpg  5a99702a6fae0_riverboatNewOrleans.jpg.73a414e1b41c8274554a590d60f12c6a.jpg

I even saw the American Queen,  which has four levels.......five counting the helm room.   these vessels very well could have been the early concept for the cruise ships we know of today.   bringing up a map of the Mississippi river and Louisiana,  I just scrolled around and picked a place at random........Little Woods seemed like a good place.  adjacent to the Bayou Sauvage,  and the New Orleans French quarters.   the name Eleanor 'Tipsy' La rue sticks in my mind,  an ex-New Orleans madam, tired of the Madi Gras scene,  gathered up a few friends and backers,  and bought an old boat........fixed it up and struck out on her own.


     I played around with the decals a bit more,  and with the aide of the admiral,  we decided on what will go to print.   once printed,  I though I'd line the edges with tape to keep the bonder from seeping into the paper.   some past decals were useless due to this,  but I think it might have been that the bonder caused the paper to curl.  it kept the paper flat,  lessening the chance of color runs {this can happen too}.


it was a good thing I printed two copies of the decals.........while removing the tape,  it latched onto the decal surface and tore the film,  ruining the third and fourth set of decals.  the bonder is shiny as well........to obtain a flat finish,  I'm trying a flat lacquer......I do have my doubts with it's survival rate using it.   

    we'll see what happens when I go to use them.   the deck and structures are dry now....each have gotten two coats......the deck with a semi gloss,  and the structures with a gloss.  I'm sure that when fully cured,  the sheen will die down to some degree.


the strip around the deck,  turned pretty much the same hue as the bottom.......glad about that  :)   the deck sheen isn't too evident......a lot of it sucks into the deck.



in talking to Hugh about his kit,  his kit is older than mine......mine has a date on the box,  in the lower right hand corner....2015.   I'm not sure if others have experienced these problems with the ill fitting decks......mine seems to include the second level deck as well.  dry fitting the deck over the structures,  I'm beginning to wonder if I went the right direction with the adjustments on the main deck.


the front slot is on the tab of the forward structure......the slot at the rear is 1/16 aft of the slot.   if I were to have moved the front structure forward,  then the rear corners of the aft structure,  would have protruded past the rear second deck edge....not good.  using the front tab as the guide,  the deck sits over the rear structure correctly,  but leaves the slot and tab off.   I will need to trim the rear slot to fit.   I also wondered if this accounted for the alignment issues with the support poles,  when it comes time for the third deck level.  strange.........you bet it is  ;) 


there are some steps that need to be done before the deck can be installed.  I'll have time to ponder this new issue.

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I could have sworn I took more pictures of the progress I've made these last couple of days.   I guess not :unsure:    just as well since it's been a lot of cutting and sanding.   since the doors are too small...except for the forward structure,  I won't be doing the movable aspect.   the first thing done was to line the doors with walnut,  to create the door jams.


once they were lined,  they were trimmed and fitted into the door openings.


since I'm changing it up a notch,  it will continue with the doors,  which will be painted flat white.


the two feed troughs were assembled.   they need to be sanded now.


next were the vents that go to the aft structure.  the frames were cut,  and are beginning to be assembled.


I know I sound rushed........the admiral just called the supper is ready.   I'll be back if more progress is made  :)    

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Actually Chris.....I feel like I'm going backwards.   not much progress so far.   the good thing is I pulled the trigger on some figures :)   I got them from:



I spent $70 bucks.........the admiral's gonna kill me!   she OK'd me to order the planking for the Nordkap........and of course,  I ordered a couple other thing as well.         I never can get away just ordering what I need ;)   


thanks for all the likes :)   more soon.......if I can get my fanny in the other room today.

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too late John........I told her.  :ph34r:   she was more miffed that I used my credit card,  than the checking account :wacko:   I wanted an organ grinder and a monkey.....but they were 'O' gauge,  and not HO gauge.  I should look around and see if I can find some Popeye characters that small  ;)   that would be a hoot!  :D 

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today is riverboat Friday :)   I thought I do a little on the T.D.    just to crack my knuckles,  I started the session by assembling the ends for the second level structure.   some of the joints fit tight,  but they went together without much of a fight.


I had assembled most of the vents,  for the aft structure.  all that was left, was to glue the top pieces on.


as I was fishing out the parts for the second level structure,  I noticed that the third level structure,  assembled the same way.   so,  I put the ends together next.


but......hey!   why stop there?  ....assemble the sides,  and all that will be left to do,  will be the front and rear fascias!   rubber bands will keep everything in check. 


I cut a piece of planking to act as a spreader for the center....I may glue it in permanently later on.   the second level didn't need one...it has one built in.


the brackets for the paddle wheel were assembled next.   I made up the jig to get them squared away.


while they were drying,  the vents were trimmed and sanded.   by the time that was done,  I could do the same thing to the brackets.


the troughs were trimmed and sanded at this time,  and later cemented onto the first level structures.   I set 'em up at 10 mm off the floor...doesn't say anything in the instructions.


when dry,  I gave them a coat of poly urethane....I forgot it was a flat.   I did the same thing for the wheel brackets......yep,  no shine at all.   I'll decant some of the semi gloss lacquer later and give them another coat.


the wheel brackets are still wet.......dried flat like bone white..... Kinda like'm with a shine to them ;)   ran into that problem with the beads again.......they want you to use them for door knobs.  I think they are kinda big....too big,  in fact.   I pulled out my bottle of beads that I use to make parrel straps and did a side by side comparison....the one on the right is the supplied bead.


I'll just pick out the smaller ones and go with that.   that done,  came the windows.  they show you a thatched window,  but all they supply is clear cello.  nawww, I'm good with that......I have that tinted window film for cars.  I'll just use that  ;) 


no need to be too fussy.......as long as they cover the opening.   later,  I'll dab the knobs with flat black,  to get rid of the brass color.   the doors were cemented in place.   these need to be in place,  so the structure can be cemented to the deck.



the gaps were still present here......the structure did not want to sit flat on the deck.   I sanded the center of the mating surface some,  and made sure the doors were flush......but there is just too much of a gap.  it will take a lot of pressure to get it to conform.  the first attempt was futile.......I even tried to weigh it down with one of the admiral's plants.  looked strange with a huge pot on top.....but even that wasn't enough.  I aborted the mission before the darn thing fell over!

   the next attempt worked.......I changed up on the glue.   instead of using white glue,  I used CA.   I took a warm damp cloth and wiped most of the white glue off the deck and the structure.   taking a rectangular piece of 1/4 plywood, which I'll square up later to make the stand...and some 1/2 triangular balsa,  I'll make the stand and get it off it's keel.   the balsa was cut to a pair of 12 inch strips,  and cemented to the plywood around 3 inches apart.   with the bottom / deck sitting on the new slip / stand,  the structure was cemented in place with the CA..........held in place by hand for what seemed like forever.  I gotta get some of those clamps........those would have been my salvation  ;)    releasing the pressure....the structure stayed fast.....looks a lot better than it did the first time  :) 


the other structure was next........first off,  the doors needed to be given another coat of white.   too much ghosting.   while they were drying,  I had a look at what they suggest I make the door knob from.....an eye bolt and a ring.   don't like that.......I have just the thing coming ;)    when I order the planking for the Nordkap,  I added a package of those stubby eye bolt thingies {I use them for hand railings}   those will be perfect.   I also have some antiqued brass rings,,,I think they might look better {note to self....look into that}.   another odd thing I see,  is what they show for hinges in the instructions,  are not what they supply in the kit.  I'll look into that too.....    another good thing.......the figures I ordered for her have been shipped.....and I got everything!  nothing was out of stock  :) 


these are some of my eye bolts......even they look too big.  I could just say the heck with it and do up some knobs for them.   it's a thought process right now..... ...planning and scheming  :)   icky mae!  :ph34r:

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thank you Kevin,  John and OC,  for the kind comments :)   this was the last three day work week for me.......I start my new four day schedule next week.  on a good note.......I received the figures today.   I really like the way they look.    you'll get to see them soon  ;) 


thanks for all who hit the like button.

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yawwwwn.....what is it?   Gibbs got us up early this morning for an outing.   I kinda laughed {the admiral wasn't though}.......kind of a drill for the upcoming week,  for starting the new work schedule  ;)    so...while I'm up early,  I thought I'd get an early start {what a brilliant concept  ;) } 


I though I'd show you the stand I made for it......I will be squaring the base off,  so it looks better.   it made sense to use the balsa......a really soft wood that won't mar the finished bottom.  I probably won't need to line it with felt.


I've forgotten what I bought the balsa for.....I had bought some 1/2 inch square stock too.   the length is good too,  lining a good length of the model.


I might try and repaint the paddle wheel brackets and the troughs.......not sure if I like them with a flat finish.   if I do anything,  I may leave the troughs flat,  and gloss up the brackets,  since they will be highly visible.


as I mentioned,  I received the figures!   I'm very impressed with the level of craftsmanship...the paint work is phenomenal :)   the admiral wanted to see how they would look on the model......she couldn't believe how small they are.   comparing them to the scale of the aft section doors,  they look right,  but seems to be out of scale with the overall look of the model.  I noticed that anyway........the ratio of the aft doors,  compared to the size of the doors on the forward structure,  one gets a sense of the imbalance.   the figures are made by Preiser of Germany....ordered from the Model Train Stuff website.   I wanted them to have the look of the deep South.......you know,  the Southern Belle thing.....puffy dresses,  parasols.......top hats and three piece suits...the gambler.


I chose a special guy for the helm......I hope he can be seen window height.   I may assemble the helm room to find out....possibly make adjustments,  if needed.        this figure is by Model tech studios......I was surprised to find that they are based in North Hampton,  New Hampshire.    they deal with nautical,  and action type figures.   If I was doing a diorama of a work shop scene,  I'd have found the perfect for it.   odd that this chap is the same scale as the others,  but seems a wee bit smaller in comparison.       http://modeltechstudios.com/hoscalepeople.aspx?page=3


I also got some uniformed crew members........there was another in the earlier package.......probably why I was drawn to these folks.


here are some more passengers........


I will likely need to get a couple more packs.......folks sitting.......some farmer looking folks.   I think the crew are a bit modern.....but I wanted anyone looking at the model to be able to pick them out easily.  .......not like they'd be thinking 'period people' anyway.   the figures will add a wide range of color to the model.. not sure what I'll use the rocking horse for.   I could cut off the rockers,  add a pole and a coin receiver,  and turn it into a 'dime store' amusement ride out of it  ;) 


from here,  I looked up Preiser figures,  to find their base site,  and I happened onto two other model train sites.   one of them has an even larger selection of figures,  so I have more to choose from.   with what I spent already...........I hope the admiral don't flip when I get more  ;) 

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Denis, you're right; the Preiser figures aren't inexpensive. You could save some by buying unpainted ones, but then you'd be painting up all those little figures. What is your time worth?  Maybe you could sweet-talk the Admiral into assisting you by painting them for you?

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I saw the unpainted figures Ken......but in seeing how well these look,  I think they're worth it.   the unpainted one do come in a larger assortment pack.........if I need more,  that might be the way to go.   I do wonder though if I can give them the same level of detail.   the admiral is not a painter either......she used to do ceramic houses,  but I would usually end up doing the trim work and fine stuff.   

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Nice assortment of figures Denis. They'll surely dress up your model.

Would there be figures available in scale 1:350?  Just asking, no plans at the moment. Although I would be nice to get at least 6 figures to man one of the guns on "Java."



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thanks Piet......take a look at 'Z' scale...they might work for you:





not too sure how they would look Lou........they would appear a bit flat.   there must be a call for them though ;) 


I did a little yesterday.......the end fascia parts gave me a bit of grief.   I have a work around though.   looking at he forward structure doors,  I took a look in the Nordkap fitting kit and got the pins......I have more coming,  so no threat of not being able to replenish them.   we got over 20 inches of snow....my day was pretty broken up dealing with it.  we went from bare ground.......to over 2 feet of snow...in just over a week!   I'd say we got nailed on this one though.  I hope to have an update for ya'll soon  :) 

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Hi Denis

Not trying to highjack your build log with other stuff.

I have seen these used a couple of times over the years and at 1/350 they are VERY SMALL, about 5mm! If they are painted with heavy coats of paint they fill out pretty well. Eduard makes a couple of  WWII German sets that are already painted. They can also be bent into different positions to make them even more interesting.



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