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popeye the sailor

The Tumblin' Dice by popeye the sailor - Artesania Latina - 1:80 - Mississippi riverboat

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oh...I'm sure they are nice Lou.......at that scale, it might not even be noticeable.


they are HO scale Mike......I think it equates to 1:87.   me....no I'm not rich.   I do have a fairly decent paying job,  but big changes have been made in the company, and I'm not sure it's a good fit anymore.   they make out like they are concerned....but they are covering up their main goal.  so many have gone already.


the only thing to do is deal with it Eric.......make adjustments where I can.  it will still come out to a nice looking model ;)    make it so,  #1

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so yesterday,  my curiosity concerning the helmsman,  caused me to assemble the helm room.  I left one wall removable,   so I can work on the interior.


I then started to assemble the end cap fascias on the two upper level structures..........that when I knew I had my work cut out for me.



the other end cracked too......so I took another route.  I trimmed off the tabs and planked it over.


it will have stained thing strip laid over it,   once I cut out the windows.   there is no door on this end.  I likely will remove the other end and do the same thing.

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from that moment on,  things just unraveled.  my son wanted to borrow the snow blower,  so I had to get out and do our driveway.   even though my son has an SUV,   he would have never gotten through what the snow plow left at the end of the driveway.  {would have been fun watching though}  ;) 


today started with trimming the planking and sanding the top and bottom of the repaired end cap.


my notion on those pins from the Nordkap fittings was looked into.......I got four of them.


I should have waited though....the order came in and now I have plenty again.   the end cap is sanded and ready to trace out the windows.


on the other end cap,  I decided to leave the door section,  and plank on both sides.


tabs trimmed off.......sanded.....and the ends of the mid section were cemented down to conform to the curve.  it was then planked over.   two small windows will be traced out later.


now,  it's trimmed and sanded.


the eye bolts and rings were added to the forward structure doors.


the first set of windows were cut out on the end cap.


I also cemented in a pair of braces for the middle of the side walls.   I hope the manufacturer realized that the thin planking,  due to it's width,  is not going to navigate the curves very well on these structures  {well maybe the larger one}   on this one,  I have some 3 mm planking that will do nicely.   the windows are going to be a pain,  since I'm not using the metal stuff.  I'll have to see how this is gonna work out.


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thanks Piet.......yea...once you start browsing through,  it's very easy to over do it.   I have others I'd like to have gotten,  but the amount got too scary!  I may look at unpainted ones,  although,  I still don't think I can give them the same love and detail,  as the finished ones.


yes Sam.......another one.   when will I learn ;)    nawwwww!  it's too much fun!  welcome aboard and enjoy... I hope I can keep from becoming too boring  :D 


I've heard a lot about the carpet monster of late........something I forgot to touch on in my last update.   I was assembling the rings and the pins for the doors.  I was using the kit supplied rings and found that they were a bit too small,  so I opted for the antiqued ones I mentioned earlier.   before I knew it,  one of the tiny rings flew off to god knows where.......I couldn't find it.   switching over to the antiqued ones wasn't much better......I lost two of them.  one thing looking for lost parts is good for,  is that for us older folks,  it gives us the opportunity to stretch the 'ole vertebrae in many contorted ways  ;)  in looking for the other ones,  I found the first brass colored ring.....it landed in the doorway of the spare room!  I never though it went that far!   as for the antiqued ones........they are still among the missing,  and likely won't be found until they are either picked up by the vacuum,  or I start on another project. 

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thanks John!   still feel like a sow process.  there are a few more parts to be added before the second level can go on.   then I think it will gain momentum.   I love to plank.......but I think I'm getting planker's cramp!  :D  :D 


I do have a small update to show.   the forward structure doors are done and have been cemented in place.  I still need to put the hinges on them,  but I can do it on the model.  the structure is now cemented to the model.




it might be the way the rings are positioned,  but it looks like one may be larger than the other.  I will check that out  ;)   I took the rubber bands off the helm structure and removed the wall I didn't cement.   I can work on the interior now.


I had started to map out the planking for the second level deck.......first thing was to make the adjustment on the offending slot.  while I was doing that and cutting planking for the deck,  my x-actor rolled off the table.   I'd say it's a finely balanced tool.......good thing my foot wasn't there ;) 


already happened to me once........I was wearing shoes {good thing}.   to finish off the slot adjustment,  a piece will be cemented in to lessen the gap that will be created.  I haven't done it yet.....


I decided that I would do something a little different with this deck.   seems like a lot of cutting and fitting.   it seems odd to me that they would plank a deck like that anyway.   so I mapped out whole planks going in one direction,  joining diagonally.   I may......I think it would look just as cool.....to go to the other end and do the same thing,  but in the opposite direction.   it will merge in the middle.   here is where I am now with the mapping.


go to the aft end........then plot the middle and draw in the other lines.

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thanks for the good word Kevin and Lou.   1:72.......gee,  if I had the panels with the hull parts {just the hull parts},  I could make use of all the mahogany planking I have on hand.  I received the replacement planking for the Nordkap the other day.   it will take a while yet....I'm not break'in any speed records.  as a matter of fact, I just got done planking the second level deck......the whole thing!  my neck is killing me right now ;) 


yup Lou.......I keep this up and I'll be look'in to have phalangeoplasty done on my hands.   I'll never be able to play the piano again :(   not that I know how  :D 


thanks to all who hit the like button  :) 

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yepper folks!  it's true {head hang'in low}...........I'm a plank o holic.   lately,  everything I see,  I want to plank over it.  the second level deck is completely planked, trimmed,  and sanded around the edges.  I just need to lightly sand the surface,  go over it again lightly with the stain,  and give it the seal coat.   as seen in the earlier picture,  I came up with a different design for the deck.  I actually think I cut down on the odd cuts I'd would need to make,  to do per the instructions.   a bunch of planking was measured and cut to size.   I began to lay the planking aftward in the angle pattern.


as can be seen,  I already trimmed it around the edge,  to keep from nick'in it with a sleeve or anything that might pull it up.   I cut out the slots for the structure,  but I made a goof.....I cut out the one for the lower structure by mistake.  I filled it in with a piece of planking,  rather than pull the bad ones up.


the idea of going in the opposite direction towards the forward,  sounded like a good idea.   so,  when I got further towards the middle,  I drew a center lineand lines for the opposite angle.   I began the planking at the forward end.


I was running low on planking,  so I cut some more.


looking at the ends,  they are unique.  depending where they are to be placed,  the plank can be turned around to meet the angle needed.


I thought to even the center up,  so they will be equal when they reach the center line.  I worked inside the box,  as it started to take shape.


till finally,  I had a neat little box.  note that it's open slightly on both sides.   there is a reason.



so at this point,  I continued with the forward area,  working my way to the end.


I was cutting out the holes as I went along......still need to cut out the pole holes.  I'll do that later with a drill bit.  once finished,  and and a chance to dry,  the end was trimmed and sanded around the edges.


all that was left,  was the box.   it was planked a bit differently......the center butts will not be seen.   a center line plank was laid {a 3 mm plank},  and then both sides were filled in.   the right side is planked opposite the left side.  kind of gives it an optical look.




the only thing I haven't done,  is dry fit the structure on to see what can be seen along the sides.  my guess would be.....not much.   do me a favor though...... ..please don't stare into it for too long.  I'm not sure what effect it will have on humans  ;) 

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13 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

phalangeoplasty done on my hands

If you have it done on your hands what are you going to do about your throat? (Pharynx) Then you will not only not be able to play but your singing would be pretty useless also! Maybe you could dance though. :dancetl6:


As for staring at your deck...... What makes you think I'm human? After all you have never met me.:DCorrect me if I'm wrong but that style of decking is called herringbone I think.



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yes....you made me chuckle.........thanks for the fine comments everyone  :)   getting out of work @ 3:30 in the afternoon...{a little after 4:00,  I walk through the door} is kinda nice.  now if I can just get through with all the nuances that I've been fielding so far,  I might be able to think about doing something on the models again.   it's been a while since I've done anything during the work week.......always too dragged out and tired.


correct Lou........herringbone.   amazing how quickly the planking went doing it this way.


good idea Piet........for those who want to freefall,  strap on a 2 x 4..........it should work well ;)  :D  :D 


thanks OC......all in the way I cut the planking.  I hardly made any adjustments at all :) 


thanks Michael!  I can't wait to see a finish on it!   for the calking,  I got the idea from our wonderful moderators,  John and Danny.......archive pens.   I get mine from Hobby Lobby,  and have a variety of different tips { I use three of them}.   one time,  I got stupid and left the cap loose,  and almost ruined the pen.  but I bought a bottle of India Ink,  and a couple of squirts revived the pen.


it won't soak into the wood like magic marker.   I stain the planking before I apply it to the edges.


I had to do a dry fit after the deck was trimmed.   I was also curious how much of the deck showed outside of the second level structure.   I like what shows :) 


I'm pretty sure that the center line is correct......although the dividing wall inside the structure doesn't agree.   I think it makes a nice floor pattern inside.


I may omit the window on both sides,   where the smoke stacks will be placed.  it doesn't make sense to have them showing.   I took these the other day.   thanks again for the kind comments........and thanks to all who hit the like button  :) 

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Great planking Dennis. I see you are pre staining your planks, how are you keeping the stain from flowing to the underside and interfering with the glue?

Oh, regards to your earlier comment, you never bore, (boar?)


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hello Sam....... :)    I've never had a problem with stain interfering with glue.   perhaps it has to do with the different glues that folks use,  but white glue has never been a problem.   some stain does get under the planking,  but there are still plenty of bare spots.   I cut a small rag and fold it up into a small square to apply the stain......I do try not to saturate the square.   glad I don't bore.......still plenty of build time left  ;) 


I didn't do much yesterday to this project......I'll see what I can do today ;) 


thanks for the likes....glad your all enjoying the project.

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hello Nils........yes!  :)    the admiral wants them,  so I ordered some.   I tried to get some that have the southern dress and attire.   I think I did well with the first bunch,  but I think I may need a few more.  


hello Carl......nice to see you dropping in :)   not done by a long shot......you've come with plenty of time left to the project.  glad to have you following along  ;) 

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6 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

not done by a long shot

Ah, another of your famous "streched" builds full of surprises and additions :D :D can't wait to see where it will lead us spectators ...

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there's a lot more than meets the eye Carl.......more involved than a work boat :)    ....like a lamb to slaughter  ;) 


I got to do some more on her yesterday......sub assemblies galore! ;)    it's time to clean out the holes for the poles....I got the main ones.


there are two larger ones at the stern end of the deck.......one of them I botched and had to repair it.


the other side came out good though.......I tried to cut the affected one,  but the glue hadn't set long enough and had to repair it again.   I'll try again at a later time.   I tried to make a jig to drill the bar holes in the vents for the aft structure,  but gave up on that notion....darn thing kept breaking.   instead,  I did one of them by eye and drilled the others to match,  using the first one as a template.   came out reasonably well.


later they were painted to match the doors.


I had sprayed the paddle wheel brackets with a gloss lacquer........they came out with some degree of shine,  but it still sucked into the wood.   two seal coats before this........and it still did it?!?!?!?  .....some kind of thirsty wood !   good enough for me though,  and they were cemented into place.


I also repaired and finished the end on the second level structure.   sanded,  it will pass muster......I thought it would have a flat spot because of the break,  but it rounded up fairly well.


the other end still needs to be done,  and then I can start to plank it over,  along with the third level.   I'm not going to use the metal windows......I will either try to remove the panes in them,  or I'll make the windows for them.......weighing out the possibilities  ;)    the vents are dry.........they are now in place on the aft structure.


I gave the second level deck a second application of stain,  to spruce it up and get rid of the tiny nicks.   I also started to put the banding around the edges.  it will be ready for sealing at that point,  later to be cemented to the model.   the decorative lattice that goes between the two structures has been stained with the mahogany.   it will need to be fitted later.......the coral bar hooks are in the process of being created.


still more to go on the first level :)    I've been looking at the frames for the paddle wheels.........the more I look at them,  the more I'm not liking the paint work ahead.   thinking on this..........

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50 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

 it weirds me out

That's a first!!!


Nice progress, I like the fish bone structure of the deck planking

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