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The Tumblin' Dice by popeye the sailor - Artesania Latina - 1:80 - Mississippi riverboat

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see.....now wasn't that quick :D    with the system I use,  I can import the pictures,  size them down by 30%,  and set them up in a folder.   after I'm finished posting them,  they go in the main folder for the project,  to be stored on a memory stick.  the ones I use are 32GB,  so there is plenty of room.


anyway.........I got half of the deck done.  I trimmed it and cut out the stair wells...I still need to do all the slots and holes.


then I started on the other end,  in a reverse pattern.


I had to stain a couple small bunches of plank strips to get the job done.  all the edge trimming is done,  the single stairwell is done,  and I went over the deck with another application of stain to get rid of the nicks.   I do around the stair wells and holes later,  when they are all punched out.




I still need to do the edge banding too........all in good time though  ;)    I'm getting warmed back up to 'er.   more soon.....thanks for the good word all and thanks for the likes! :) 

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thanks OC.......once I do all the other stuff, band it,  and get a coat or two of lacquer on it,   the wood grain should show up nicely.  thanks for the good word  :) 


thanks Pat :)    this one has been in the works for a while now.........do you mean the one I just started?   no matter........it's still a treat to kow your following along  :) 

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Grand work popeye.  I’m amazed that your planking matched up so well when it met at the middle!

Why is there that big slot amidships in the deck?  Is it intended to make space for some amazing lighting effects?  Or do the cabins have some special inboard-looking aspect for which the cruise company that owns the ship can charge extra?


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hello Brian.........there is a cap that fits over it.......then there is a small structure that sit on the cap.   it appears to be a vent of some sort.... I will be assembling it likely in the next session.   it was a bit of work,  but I like this pattern........too bad the last of these decks will be straight planking.


thanks for the good word..........and thanks all for the likes  :) 

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work'in my way back to it.   I also want to do something with the windows and doors......I really don't want to use those metal parts.   I see them in the instructions, and I think .......yuck!   I still need to finish the cabin on that level as well....one end still needs to be planked.  more to come soon  ;) 


thanks for look'in in  :) 

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the way they show in the instructions is not that great........they don't give too much in the way of measurements either.   I was up early this morning and got right to it.   this project is first.........I'm going to try doing a bit on other projects too.   I kinda liked how it went last week.  I have one of the stairs almost fitted......I'll need to do the other side.  of course,  I goofed and made them both the same.......they needed to be opposite of one another.  once I can arrive to where I left off,  I can then attack the problem again.   that will likely be when I start making the windows.

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I stopped for lunch guys..........aside from taking Gibbs out,  I've spent all morning on the T.D.   even the camera needed a refueling! ;)    Brian had asked about where I'm going next with the build,  so it starts there.  the opening in the center of the third deck has a rise from the structure below,  and it must be built up.  there are vents that line the upper part of the rise...but I'll get to this later.   I'm not doing what they instruct me to do.  so it starts with the base layer of wood....the two ends and the sides.


so while this was drying,  I figured that I'd plank the deck that serves as it's roof.


as I got to the outer edges,  I saw that a full width plank wouldn't fit..........so I used a 2 mm plank strip to finish it off.


there are two holes I need to open up when I'm able to.  I went over it with a wash of stain,  wiping it off quickly......all I want it to do is cover over any unstained spots that may have shown up.  it matches well with the below deck.


later........to drill out the holes,  I clamped it to a piece of junk plywood and drilled them out with the same size bit.   on this deck is a smaller cabin structure....above that,  is another smaller deck.   I planked this one next,  staining up a couple more strips when I ran low.


they are all trimmed and sanded around the outer edges.   back on the third deck,  twelve short pieces were cut from the same wood, the base frame was made from.  they were arranged on the rise giving them spaces in between......one on the fore and aft ends as well.


the one on the fore end juts out from the shape of the base frame,  and needed to be trimmed and sanded to match the shape.


as you can see,  it was stained over to mask the sanding marks.   since the wood used didn't match,  the entire rise was stained.  it looks much better than to leave it with two different hues of wood.


I recall running out of that particular shade of gray,  that I used for the undersides of the lower decks.   since the underside of this deck will be unnoticeable,  I stained it.


checking to be sure I drilled out all of the holes,  the two smaller decks were banded with thin strip mahogany.  I washed my hands to loosen up the caked on CA,  on my fingers.


I left the banding that overlapped the slots for the structure,  just in case it would be needed.   as for the third deck,  the other holes were drilled out, leaving a couple of the slots closed,  and it too was banded.  I still need to figure out what to do about the underside,  since this deck is more like the lower decks and should be painted gray.......I need to get more paint ;) 



I found some spare thin strips that I had stained in mahogany,  so I also finished the small cabin structure too.


I didn't bother to cut out for windows.....the lavatory doesn't need them!  privy must be the shortened word for privacy ;)    ok....my musing is over......lunch is done........guess I'll go find something to do  :) 

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19 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

I didn't bother to cut out for windows.....the lavatory doesn't need them!  privy must be the shortened word for privacy ;)    ok....my musing is over......lunch is done........guess I'll go find something to do  :) 

you are going to do something too!? 


Looks interesting the "vents" , I would have expected them smaller, especially at the corners. Nice shades ... the wood that is

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thanks Carl.......I thought about filling the corners in,  but bending that stuff would be hard to do.......and it would look terrible in plywood.   I will likely line the inside with tulle,  and obscure the view that way.   the admiral cautioned me about the weather tomorrow - rain...........so I went out and picked up all the grass clippings


thanks Kevin!  :) 

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thanks Pat.. :)    I got a bit more done.......the structure has been trimmed and touched up with stain.  perhaps later,  I will cobble it together and do a dry fit to see how all this looks now.    I really need to get busy on the windows and doors.......I have an idea on how to make them.   thanks for the good word!


thanks to all for the likes  :) 

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I guess this is soon enough  ;)    I just had a rather funny experience with the Progress........I took it off the table so what I did can dry  {or else I'll just keep pick'in at it :D }     here is the dry fit I promised.



not cutting the outer banding on the two upper decks was a good thing to do......the tabs for the structure can't be seen.   I'm gonna try using the tulle for those vent holes.

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Great to see you back on this one Dennis. Be afraid when the Admiral isnt yelling at you, that is a sure sign they are cooking up some kind of mischief for you.

You mentioned earlier about 'getting back to one armed paperhanger speed" Looks to me like you have a whole room full of paper hangers going for you.


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thank you Michael :)   there will be more,  once I start making the windows.  


there are some steps......parts of the lower level,  that I skipped over.   I started to assemble the paddle.......painting the metal parts reminds me why I dislike these parts.   seeing as I was down for the count yesterday,  the admiral went out and bought me a spray can of flat black........should make life easier.   I put the hinges on the aft section doors.........not happy with how thick they look,  but they are on none the less.



I'll be pick'in away at these skipped assemblies and parts as I go along.   in the meantime,  I will also start to make the windows and doors.   more soon!  :) 

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thanks John.......I did a little more on her today  :)    I was play'in with the linkage for the paddle wheel.........I can't find anything in the kit to assemble the rods to the arms on the paddle wheel shaft.    gonna have to improvise I guess....I'll figure something out ;)   I've also been working on the few things I skipped over........try to get them out of the way.


should have an update tomorrow :)   thanks all for the likes!

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an update on the small stuff.........the admiral got me the can of flat black paint.   fist thing was to spray the frames for the paddle wheel.


here are the parts for the paddle wheel.......the rods.....and the wood I had cut for the paddles.  the rudders were assembled and set aside to dry.  the only thing I couldn't find were the pins to connect the rod parts.   I'll have to improvise.   the bow fender has been trimmed and sanded to shape.....I still need to drill the holes {fairleads}.


I also began the assembly for the signage.........two rectangular pieces of 1/32 basswood,  painted white.


I'll sand them later and give them another coat.   the rudders were stained in mahogany and test fitted in place.   I'll be trimming them so they sit closer to the transom.


errands are done.........I've been doing more on her.   another update soon  :) 

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