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Selling Models


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I saw the discussion about building models for clients. I have a related question.

After building wood models from kits, semi-scratch models, resin models and plastic over the years I have a space shortage and I’m running out of room for new models. There are several completed models in cases that I would not be sorry to part with if there was a way to sell a couple of them. I could also use the cash for additional models although  I don’t expect to make lots of money or receive full compensation for all my time and expenses.

Has anyone sold models on eBay, etsy or through brokers or other ways? Any suggestions.


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If nothing else, give some thought to donating them to museums or libraries.  You can get a tax write off if you're State side.   

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I like the tax idea. I sold several models in the mid 80s this list may help with what I ran into.

E Bay if its exceptional and you post for a reasonable price it's OK but it is like a flea market and you compete with those (alleged) museum quality models constructed by Asian sweat shops.


Etsy's site is more upscale in their presentation. its ok

Upscale art shows is where you make the most but you have the time of setting up and cost.

I see you live in Conn. Find that nautical shop that handles upscale consignments of unique and hand built items. Not the souvenir tourist shop. They take a cut and will look out for your merchandise. You probably will sell quicker keeping your glass cases.


My 2 cents


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I've sold models on eBay before, and it can be rewarding depending on the type of model, the amount of time and money that went into it, and if people were willing to pay top dollar. It really depends on whats hot I think. Just my opinion. I wish you luck with your building and sales! :)


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