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Type XXI U-boat by kpnuts - FINISHED - Revell - with interior

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Hi all nearly done just the rear stabilizers and props then get my head round the proper weathering of a sub (Not sure how to do algae will have to do some googling) 
I'm thinking of going back to my scratch building, maybe going back to what I know will boost my kit builds.

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Well KP, your effort certainly came out rather well. That type of sub was very advanced in design and capability.


Hey Denis, I didn't know there is such a kit out of the Gato class US subs. I would not mind putting one together and model it after the USS Cod. That's the US sub that rescued the crew from my father's sub the O19 in 1945. The Cod is well preserved in Cleveland, Ohio and the Museum director told me she's 98% sea worthy.

I could pair that model next to the O19 I build a few ago. You made me think again my friend.



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Hi Piet

Actually there are a number of Gato class subs available.


I am not familiar with the clear sided version Denis is talking about but Revell makes both the large 1/72nd Gato and a smaller (USS Lionfish) kit that are both nice. Trumpeter makes some very nice 1/144 scale early and late war Gato's. I am not all that current with what PE may be available for the different kits but it used to be pretty extensive.


Hope that's helpful.



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I looked around for it,  but can't seem to find it :angry:   I've even seen a build log for it {not here,  but I'm gonna look}.  this is a very large kit......it's absolutely huge!

    but Revell / Germany has several,  including a U boat such as the one your building.  if and when I find it,  I'll post it........it's an mother of a model!

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I just went through almost 200 pages {out of 1575}  in the 'sold' archives @ oldmodelkits.com     I figure if anyone had this model at any given time,  it would be them.   I looked in the 'for sale' listings,  but there was nothing......they did list about four pages of sub models.  in these 200 pages,  I haven't seen the GATO sub,  but it could possibly be that the kit I'm referring to,  was a GATO class sub,  and therefore could be any named sub in this class.   I did happen on an old Revell kit.


Revell George Washington Polaris class guided missle sub SSBN,  in 1:261 scale.   kit number #H-437.   it was produced in 1975,  from the old Renwall 1961 molds,  and featured a cut away side for interior viewing.   Revell also produced the same sub back in 1961,  kit number H425-250.  this one had removable panels for viewing and could actually launch the missiles.   I went a few more pages,  and on page 256,  I found a Renwall SSBN 618 Thomas Jefferson Polaris class sub, 1:200 scale.  it was produced in the 50's and measured around 2 feet long.   it had a clear cut away side for viewing.  they also mention that this is a very rare kit.


I'll keep an eye out.........I hate that.......know that I've seen a kit like this and can't find it to save my soul.  I will tell you one thing though......if you want to see kits you've never seen before,  go to this site and look through the sold archives.   it will make your jaw drop!  ;) 

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That's OK Denis....... It happens to all of us sooner or later! :default_wallbash:


Just kidding, I thought I had also seen something at one time or another that had clear plastic sides and was as big or bigger than the Revell kit, 1/48th seems to come to mind. Possibly made from the Scale Shipyard hull? or maybe it was this?   Lou


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