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Chinese Pirate Junk by AntonyUK - FINISHED - 1/45 scale

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Welcome to the Chinese Pirate Junk build.

This is based on the Amati model and lines were taken from there plans.(with lots of modifications.)

The plans were modified with Adobe Illustrator CS2 which is my chosen software.

Extra bulkheads were added and some bulkheads were changed to match the lines that I wanted.

Junk Antony.pdf  My drawings converted into PDF.

The 6mm and 3mm plywood used to the decks and bulkheads were cut by Laser cutting service http://www.pbmodelmaking.co.uk/laser-cutting-service/4588356832

The cost off the Laser cutting plywood and postage UK. was  £32.00 + £7.50 postage

Always wanted to make a Junk so here it is. It will be a build and modify as I go build as the drawings will need to be redone with each change of part size.

6mm plywood parts shown below. 3mm parts were of the same quality.

 5aa3cdfa71f4a_LasercutParts2.thumb.JPG.af8ac5b139cb4f82e2177884b9a9869d.JPG  5aa3ce01518f6_LasercutParts3.thumb.JPG.268892159fa4976c1948840e22c4b668.JPG


The laser cutting was excellent and can recommend the supplier.

Fitting the bulkheads to the keel needed just a little sanding for a tight fit.


Parts assembled but Not glued yet as there are a lot of adjustments to be made.


The dowel is not necessary but I like to include in to the design to hold the boat straight.


The deck was made oversize for the laser cutting so it could be trimmed then the drawing updated.



Will post more later on this a afternoon.

Duty calls. 

Regards Antony.

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Hi  Nils.

Thank you for your input.

Some more photos of the basic build.

All the bulkheads have now been faired to the required angle.

Next come the cutting of the rebate in the keel.


Putting a plank next to the keel and marking with a pencil.


Parts dissembled and rebate cut into keel. Rebate cut with a knife and filed to shape and size.


Planking done on the deck. Will put the treenails in later on  after planking the hull.


The cabins were planked after using the 3mm walls. 


Portholes and door were added 




The stern and bow decks were planked on to the laser cut shapes.


Edging being added to the rear decks.



Hand rails added (Note that the rear deck edging and the hand rails were all bored  at the same time with the Proxxon mill)


Hand rails not yet fixed


Stern and bow now planked. Garboard plank is being fitted.


Bow planked and Garboard plank part 1 is in place and glued.


Part 2 of the garboard plank will be in place this afternoon.



That's about it for now.

More updates as the build continuous.


Regards Antony.

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Hi Hjx.

Thank you.

Have treenailed the Bow and Stern decks. Sorry no photos as rain most of day and poor light.

Cardboard planks in place and now planking the hull. Will be using 5 X 1.5mm walnut for the planking.

Will NOT be painting this as with most of my models. But will try to use various types of timber to show off it's natural beauty of the ship.

Most of the decks and hull will have a couple of coats of Danish oil.


That's it for now.

Regards Antony.

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Just a couple more photos of the drop plank.

First the close up. Not yet sanded..


Showing port and Starboard sides. Keel in centre.


The planking so far.


Planks are fitted/bevelling then a non bleed marker pen is used to get the joints looking like caulking.


Thanks for looking in.

Regards Antony.


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Hi All.

Its time for a update...

Been working on making the bits of furniture for the decks. 

Finishing the hull planking(Which I am pleased with.)


First some strakes that were joined. Milled on on my Proxon milling machine.



Picture of the completed planking on the Hull.



Some of the dropped planks and stealers.



Hull is sanded  and not finished at this point.



Will add a few coats of Danish oil after finishing it with scraping.





The rudder finished awaiting the Danish oil.



The 3 winches... Yes I used belaying pins for the handles.



Just some of the ladders for the decks access. 



Carvings for the Bow area. No I did NOT carve them. My hands are not capable of carving... Pendant from E-Bay. Cut in half with fine saw.



Rear deck.



Upper rear Deck.



Mast supports. 3 in all. Holes not yet to final size.



Jib/boom support racks. and anchor davits.



Jig for cutting gun port's. Inside clamp is also correct size hole for the gun ports and rests on the deck to give constant height of the gun ports.  Scuppers also cut.


All I did then was to chain drill with a 1mm drill around the square hole. Then cut with a knife. File to final size then onto the next port. No splintering of the wood as it is clamped both sides.

Started making the gun carriages and various other deck furniture. will post photos of them when adding them to model.


Well that's it for now.

Regards Antony.

Chinise Junk 28.JPG

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Hi Jim and David. Thank you for your kind words.


Hello Nils.

Egyptian cotton 400 mesh. The spars are bamboo skewers with half cut away. And one applied each side of the sails.

And no crew for this ship.  All on holiday in USA.

Most of the ship is out of my head.. with what I think it should look like.


And thanks for all the likes.


Regards Antony.


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I am building Amati model.  Instructions little to

none.  This is my first build at 80 yrs.  I was about to give up, until I found your blog.  I am 

planking deck now.  What did you use as a rudder handle ? I did not get one in the kit.

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