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Palamos by Noctavigant - OcCre - Scale 1:45

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Well, here is my first build log. I haven't gotten very far over the last couple of weeks, but it's a start! I will warn you, my nautical terms are severely lacking, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong, or don't know the proper term.


First up I glued all the frames together using aluminum angle to keep everything square.



Adding the planking to the deck. I found the wood to be very dry and quite fragile. I believe it's sapele.



Trimmed up the planks and glued the deck to the frames. Everything lined up pretty well.



Did some pencil lining on the deck to give the planks some separation. There are a couple of gaps that I will have to deal with soon.



That's it for now. I'll be continuing on with the hull this week. Thanks for reading.



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Finally got some time over the last couple of weeks to work on this. I found a problem after gluing the bulwarks in place. A couple of my clamps popped off during the night, which caused a lot of gaps around the deck. Rather than try to cut everything apart, I decided to see if I could make things work since it will be painted in the end.


Filler blocks in place.



Planking the interior of the bulwarks.



Stanchions in place. I will be painting this model, so the filler will be hidden.





Starting the first row of planking. This kit is double planked.









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