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Boyer 86ft by flying_dutchman2 - FINISHED - Scale 1:48 - 17th Century Dutch Coastal water freighter by Marc Meijer

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12 hours ago, amateur said:

Nice work on a nice ship.

I like these ships so much more than those three decked hms something :)

give us a shout when Zeehaan is started, we’ll be there.



Thank you and especially for the advice and clarification throughout this build. Like you, I like building these ships more than what everyone else builds. I can guarantee you that very few ship modelers build Dutch merchant ships. 

Maybe too difficult, or no interest. Very few modelers scratch build something that hasn't been tried yet or the ship has been built a few times. 


I like the challenge. Once you start building more Dutch ships you get the hang of the difficulties that arise. 


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Jan and cog, 

I think Jan has mentioned the following in one of my builds. 

It was mentioned that a modeler in Holland attempted to build a Dutch ship "shell first", and he had difficulty doing that. Can you give me a link to that? 

I am assuming one has to be able to read contracts. I have tried that and once I get to the measurements of the stem post and the transom I am stuck. Everytime I read a contract I draw it out on paper and it works for the keel and the bow. But the rest I can't figure it out. 

I know that reading a contract and taking the measurements to build a ship is possible because Ab Hoving has done it. The ships in the 17th century merchant ships book are done this way 


Any information would be appreciated. 


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