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I have had some requests for our discontinued photoetched sheets over the past few years. The sheet is depicted below and was designed for those building a Swan class model at the classic 1:48 scale. They are difficult and expensive to produce but I would be willing to do it one last time if ten individuals commit. They cost $60, plus postage. Included are door hinges, lantern brass housings, horseshoe and dovetail plates and gunport straps. In addition (and the main reason we designed the sheet) included are all the components necessary to build the complicated metal chain pumps (except the brass tubing) that reside within the pump housings. Those of you building a Swan, Echo, Triton  or Chuck's new Pegasus cross section may consider purchasing one of these sheets as nothing similar is on the market.


If you would like one (or more) of these sheets please send me an e-mail at dvm27@comcast.net. Please do not respond to this post here. This will be the last time these sheets will be produced! It is my impression that Chuck will not be including details of the pump mechanism in his new Pegasus cross-section in order to keep the cost managable. 



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