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HMS Victory by AndyW - Constructo - 1:94 Scale

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First off, would like to say thanks to Paul0367 and his amazing build so far, that hopefully I can avoid some of the pitfalls on this build.


Next I would like to add, that this is not a historical representation of the Victory but more a decorative interpretation of her. That being said, I hope to build the majority of the kit to be more accurate and in the end it’s all part of the fun.


Refference galore with all the usual suspects in there, Longbridge, McKay, Goodridge, etc Victory and man of war related as well as others.


Commenced the build at the end of February, so now have some build to start sharing.



Some framing




Using the 4 butt shift method for deck planking, instructions in the kit are basically to lay big long lengths.022DD020-3B75-4791-8102-0FC10724DBA4.thumb.jpeg.64792c078247aae322937b865c7db228.jpeg


On to the main deck 




Deviation here, decided to use walnut, narrower strips rather than the Sapely that is supplied. Also to add a little detail with the windows, as in the kit these are just left as blank bulkheads.


So onto the next stage, did find this keel clamp by Expotools at a 1/3 of the price of the Amati, must say have found it to be of decent construction and allows me to work on the model in many different angles.



Current Build HMS Racehorse 

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Didn’t like the port side addition, so redone to match Stbd side. Case of not seeing the wood for the trees.

Fitted the poop deck and planked.


Not in the instructions but cut the deck out to fit the skylight, also is out of scale in the kit, wider than it should be.



Fitted some coatings and trims, 1 coat satin yacht varnish to seal the wood.





Next it is on to the hull planking.

Current Build HMS Racehorse 

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Oh mate thanks for the lovely comments during your build, I have not been posting much lately, I have to install the spars but to be honest the sails have had me stopped from doing this whilst testing fabrics as I am making my own. They need fitting to the spars prior to the spars being fitted. Due to deciding to ditch the kits sails this forced me to learn how to use a sewing machine. I felt whilst the canons are run out the sails, lower furled and uppers in full Wind was the way to go. This adds a lot of work to the kit but I hope to get a one off build and use the Victory as a learning curve for future ships

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