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Mississippi by Micklen32 - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:80 A hopefully accurate rendition

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The missing bits turned up today so I should be able to finish it now

The main things I was missing were the strips so now I can do all the little odd bits that I couldn't before 

What I can't get over is the little extra they sent me  th_41_zps65b5f00d.jpg


I was amazed and well chuffed when that dropped out the package   :D 


Today was mostly taken up with painting and finishing off some of the decorations

The railings on the starboard side and the little frilly bits on the bar deck all the way round

th_37_zps1ed5ead9.jpg  th_38_zps0e2cfbed.jpg



I also cut and painted the stretchers and the derrick masts which means I will soon be breaking out the cotton  :o 


I could also finish off the roof of the wheelhouse with the strips received  th_40_zpsb119a87d.jpg


That included cutting the whistle in place, drilling a hole so the stove pipe could get through and fitting the edge decorations

Also if you look at the top left of the pic you can see I also coloured the paddle blades, so a fairly productive day today


With my computer table getting in such a mess I decided to invest in the OcCre Workshop Cabinet that comes with loads of places to put things, also ship supports and a soft place to work with delicates


Then looking at that I started to think

I have the tram on the way but then I was thinking of doing the Santisima Trinidad

What I may do however is start with a much smaller model just to make it and then see how easy it is to maybe sell

I am thinking of doing something that has a bit of history and that is the Bounty Launch

I was thinking that with the story behind it, it may sell easier that others

But then I have never tried to sell a ship before  :piratetongueor4: 


And thanks Adrieke

It wasn't easy as my white paint is a little thick but I did my best



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Hi Mick,


Great job you are doing.

I don't say much but still following you!

I see that you also get the "little" present from OcCre….

I have one myself when I was at the build of the Spirit and was also surprised when I see it.

It's a great  from them that they are doing this!




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Well the tram has arrived at Stansted so that should arrive tomorrow  :dancetl6: 

Got a CT scan tomorrow though so a bit pushed for time. MiL should be able to take it in  :) 


I can't believe how a few hours work has changed the look of the ship so much

I worked on both ends, the bow gangplanks and the paddle wheel


First thing was the construct the gang planks and the struts  th_42_zps24df10a6.jpg


Really getting on well with the sander BTW.  Very easy to change if you want a different grade of paper and you don't throw the paper away, just refit it when you want it back


Close up of the ring fittings that hold things together here  th_43_zpsa5ca01f4.jpg


You do have to be a little careful if you are opening the ring a little to join them as they are a little brittle


Then a bit of a break from the complicated stuff as I finished off the engine room  th_44_zpsc8b038bb.jpg


I glued the bucket in  :P 


Now total disarray as I do the rope work  th_45_zps9e0ea508.jpg


I had forgotten how tricky it is threading the cotton through little holes   :piratetongueor4: 


It did all come together eventually though  th_46_zps23ff584e.jpg  th_47_zps6363f6b4.jpg


Whoops, left a tag of cotton on the starboard side   :pirate41:  :o


Then I got to work on the other end and fitted the paddle wheel  th_48_zpsd12e3f9b.jpg


It is really starting to look like a paddle steamer now and I am well chuffed   :D  :10_1_10: 


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The tram arrived yesterday and I had a quick look through and was amazed how many parts, especially laser cut wooden bits, there were

I reckon there were as many if not more wooden bits than in the Spirit  :o 

I reckon that this could take my some time  :huh: 


The Spirit however is very nearing completion


I had a day off yesterday after the scan and headed back to it this morning

I first started fitting the stretchers and the railing uprights (Pins)  th_IMG_1894_zps5bd81a1f.jpg


It took me a little while to cut the pins down, drill the holes, and glue them in place

Once that was done the railings themselves (Cotton) had to be fixed  th_IMG_1895_zpse03696af.jpg


Once the cotton had been would all around each pin it had to be painted white  th_IMG_1896_zps2103120a.jpg


This was quite tricky as the thread used was not twisted too much and not waxed at all so you had lots of tiny ends sticking out that you had to try and get to go down using the paint


Then with the railings done, the stretchers finished and the flag raised little is left to do  th_IMG_1897_zpsc12d89cc.jpg


All that is left to do is to paint a few of the railing tops red, paint and fit the lifebelts and give most of the woodwork on the sides a good coat of varnish or six

Wife is very very happy and has the space for it ready  :dancetl6:  :10_1_10: 






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Thank you all

I am very pleased with the work, I have learnt a lot

What you must remember however is it may not have taken long in days but i have been working on it full time

I think there are nearly 200 hours in this build

I am not sure how that equates to other builds of this type


The tram however is 1:24 so that will have to be treated very differently

I will be doing a detailed blog of it Grant so you will be able to follow it if you wish and I will be staying on here as my next build will be a ship

I was hoping to do the Bounty Launch but OcCre haven't got it ready yet

It will be sometime this year but they don't know when

I MAY have a go at the San Juan which is quite similar  http://www.occre.com/index.php?option=com_productos&task=showProduct&idproducto=15

Anyway, must get back to painting the lifebelts

I have put them in soak and painted the top of the railings red that needed it  :10_1_10:


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Well the first attempt at the lifebelts was a total failure  :( 

I just could not get them looking right and as you know you don't get many chances

So I had to put them in turps overnight and strip the first attempts off

Today then I will take a lot of time and really try to get them looking good

Cross your fingers for me  :huh: 



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Well this has been by far the most irritating part of the build by a long way  :piratetongueor4:

I just could not get them looking as good as I wanted

I tried a lighter red to make them stand out a bit more and they were a bit better but I still wasn't happy, however the widfe has told me to stop beating myself up and they were good enough  th_53_zpse9632a57.jpg


I admit they actually look a bit better in the pic than I think they look IRL.  However I have been told   :o 


At one point I had to calm myself down so I made a start of the tram base  :huh: 

I have started a blog where I will be posting the build and doing it precisely

I have put the address in my signature but to repeat it, it is micklen-tram.blogspot.co.uk

Please leave comments to let me know how it's looking

I decided to do the base first so it's ready to put it on  B) 

In the blog you can click on the pics for a full page view


Mick  :10_1_10: 

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This is it then

The lifeboats are on

The wife insisted they were ok

Checked around and fitted the main stack support ropes and at that point it looked pretty much done  :dancetl6:  :cheers: 


So here it is in position


th_54_zps95914de1.jpg  th_55_zps88f7bffc.jpg  th_56_zps49b021a6.jpg


I hope you think it looks good.  The wife and I are quite happy


What may be interesting to you is after I had finished this I put together the OcCre Portable Workshop

I will put up the pics of the build here, if it is considered not right to have them here let me know


th_IMG_1913_zps7591ad5a.jpg  th_IMG_1915_zpsb03dcf39.jpg  th_IMG_1914-Copy_zps4f544ef6.jpg  th_IMG_1916_zps9cac9734.jpg  th_IMG_1917_zps98b3fc30.jpg  th_IMG_1922_zpsb194e0b5.jpg  


It went together very easily and it seems very sturdy and I am well pleased with it


Well that is about it for this build

Let me know what you think and please follow the tram build on blogspot











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Congratulations on finishing the Spirit, she looks great. The portable workshop looks to be a great help to keep things organized.


It was a pleasure to follow your log.


Best regards,


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Congarulations with the finish!


I have to agree with John Mick!

Very ,very nice.

You are doing her proud and you can be proud of her.

Are you posting some pictures in the complete gallery?



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Hello Mick,Very very nice build,you can be proud of your acheivement,hope mine will be as good.Nice build area ,will be able to keep things together,will there be any passagers boarding.The tram we used most was no 19 Breck road to Pier Head on the river Mersey for a penny return,so all you needed for a day out was a jam sandwich and a bottle of pop,'those were the day's my freind',will follow the tram,ps your wife was right,nice job. Edwin

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Hello Mick.A really really nice job on the steamer,also congrates on midshipman.(A happy wife is a happy home). I"m just a little puzzeled,I flew out of Stansted to Bahrain several times and did not see any Trams!!!!!!(if you can send a picture of the tram).kind regards to you and your wife,Edwin

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I have been following your excellent build and your photos are inspiring in my build which is slowly progressing

I have been able to view some photos of yours using photobucket but despite me signing up I can no longer view any it says your album is empty

Any suggestions please as I am only part way through

I am a member of modelshipworld as railcardownunder. I live in Australia


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