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Cutty Sark by depayne - Revell - 1:96

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This is my first crack at this type of model.  It was acquired by me from my late uncles estate along with a few other model boat kits.   It was interesting to me to learn that we shared this interest.  He had started assembling the mast sections, but appears to be as far as he got with it.  The sails are grey in color, most appear in good condition given the age of the kit (40+ years).  A few have some reddish stains and one has a small tear.  I don't intend to use them, and have decided to either assemble bare poles, or make my own using the plastic ones to mold the fabric to shape. 


I had some questions regarding painting the model, and have found instruction sheets for newer editions on Revell's webpage with detailed painting guides. I also downloaded a file which matched Revell paint numbers to other manufacturers such as Humbrol and Model master.   I have started to paint the mast assemblies. So far that is as far as I have got.   I will upload some images when I get home.  

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Brass plated pedestals? I built a 1:96 Revell CS in probably the late 80s/early 90s. It certainly didn't have brass plated pedestals. Looks like that's a much nicer kit than the later production runs. I purchased another one on Ebay, maybe 8-10 years ago. It's partially finished, ready for rigging at this point. Again, no brass plated pedestals.

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