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A new Canadian Member

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I'm in my early 70's and, like many other member introductions, I'm getting back into modelling after a busy life raising children, spoiling grand children, holding down a career as a chemical engineer, restoring cars, building and renovating houses and dealing with all the other challenges of life.  


Arthritis means I can no longer do the heavy lifting that some of my other hobbies require so moving back into modelling that was my passion as a youth and teenager until I discovered girls.


Having built up some atta-boy credits, enough to pay off the aw-sh*t" debits held at the bank of SWMBO I decided to dust off a Corel Endeavour kit that I started probably over 30 years ago. I had completed the hull up to first planking before one of lifes events interrupted construction. The hull is ready for the second planking layer and having learned some patience with older age I decided to look for guidance before leaping into the task and that is how I found this website a few days ago. Having received membership approval I began exploring the site and "WOW" this is like stumbling across the holy grail of model ship building. The knowledge amassed and so obviously freely offered is amazing, some of the build logs I have looked at are to say the least staggering and a huge help, or as I should say as an expat Yorkshireman "I'm gobsmacked".


Getting organised to haul my Endeavour into the shipyard. It will help me keep my sanity in our long cold winters up here in Calgary, Alberta.  



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Welcome to group of people who derive so much pleasure from modeling. I, too, have signs of aging like arthritis with a few others from 3 years in the artillery. Be that as it may I can't wait to see what a trained engineer can do. I started small, ruined my project, but gained an arsenal of tool, supplies, and the desire to do better. If you haven't already shop for ships on line. There is so much info on vendors' sites. Use youtube videos for their worth. I'll be 68 this June and considering Mary Rose from JoTiKa as a present.

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2 hours ago, Old Mike said:

to say the least staggering and a huge help, or as I should say as an expat Yorkshireman "I'm gobsmacked".




There's nowt ere that tha can't do with a bit of elbow grease an nouce. Rimember "it's better to fettle an shaht abaht it nor nivver to fettle at all".


Looking forard t yer build log.


P.S. - i'm not really from Sussex.

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