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Greetings everyone;


For those with any interest in the fighting for American independence in the later 18th century,  I highly recommend the book by Sam Willis,  titled 'The Struggle for Sea-Power'. 


I am only half way through it (it's not small!) but it is written in a way which makes the reader aware of how many obstacles there were to overcome before any of the participants could actually fire a cannon.  It is filled with examples of patriotic devotion to duty,  and to the contrary,  lays out many opportunities missed because of a lack of this.  The writing is clear and very well informed,  and I feel sure brings to light many small aspects of the war and the logistics involved which have not been much written about before.


All theatres of the war are considered,  and its impact on the colonists,  the sailors (on all sides) and all those who made a living connected to the sea or the major rivers that run into it. 


Anyone reading this will,  by its end,  know far more about the struggle for independence,  and the good and bad luck,  the wise judgements and mistakes,  which combined to bring about the British defeat.


I am very glad that I purchased this book,  and consider it to be excellent value,  well worth the time that will be taken to read it.


Happy reading!


Mark P



Previously built models (long ago, aged 18-25ish) POB construction. 32 gun frigate, scratch-built sailing model, Underhill plans.

2 masted topsail schooner, Underhill plans.


Started at around that time, but unfinished: 74 gun ship 'Bellona' NMM plans. POB 


On the drawing board: POF model of Royal Caroline 1749, part-planked with interior details. My own plans, based on Admiralty draughts and archival research.


Always on the go: Research into Royal Navy sailing warship design, construction and use, from Tudor times to 1790. 


Member of NRG, SNR, NRS, SMS

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Finished this book recently and can also highly recommend it. I found it to be a bit Euro-centric  in that it dealt mostly with England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands but I was OK with that. The book takes a more broad look at the war and concentrates more on fleet actions and naval strategy by countries and how it affected the tide of the war, vs looking at individual ship actions. Definitely recommended and I'll be searching out more of Sam Willis' books in the future!

Completed Models:

Triton Cross Section


In Progress:

Brig Eagle


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