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Byzantium by qwerty2008 - BOTTLE - Scale 1: 400 mini version of my 1: 20 scale Byzantium - Finished

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I saw that Michael Mott had built a mini version of his Bristol Pilot Cutter and thought that I would follow his lead and try to build a mini version of my Byzantium. The model was originally supposed to be a ship in a bottle but I didn't like the way it fit in the bottle so I decided to make it be a equivalently 1:20 scale model on display on its larger counterpart.

post-1993-0-69204100-1366359564_thumb.jpg Starting out.

post-1993-0-04671900-1366359658_thumb.jpg The shaped hull.

post-1993-0-08702700-1366359689_thumb.jpg With the bulwarks and the main hatch installed.

post-1993-0-88527500-1366359873_thumb.jpg With the gunports cut and the rail installed.

post-1993-0-03211800-1366359979_thumb.jpg Magnified view.

post-1993-0-11734500-1366360042_thumb.jpg Cannons installed.

post-1993-0-31909500-1366360100_thumb.jpg Painted.




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Qwerty, glad I was able to inspire you. Now that hatch cover looks like a finicky bit of work, how did you make it?


I used the tip of a needle file to make rows of perforations on a match book cover then I cut a piece out to fit in the hatch opening. I should have marked straight lines on the match book cover first before I made the perforations so they would look better, too late now.

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I made the mast and sails, it still fits in the bottle so that's a good sign. the mast are made from bamboo and the sails are made from some yellowish paper I had laying around. Everything is held together with ca glue. next comes the rigging.

My reply box is broken making it hard to reply :( emoticons are broken to so I have to type them in manually :(





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your in luck I have finished the rigging and my camera was being really good today. I did change the rigging between the mast after the pics of it setup because the mast would not collapse properly.

    Also I got the reply box working again :D.

post-1993-0-72748600-1366659846_thumb.jpg Adding the last fore stay.

post-1993-0-85765800-1366659926_thumb.jpg Almost there.

post-1993-0-40653800-1366659962_thumb.jpg Done.





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Delighted to see another ship bottler on MSW! Nice work. I'll be following this and your other SIB builds. Thanks for posting your build log.


I've always found the Baltimore clippers to be very pleasing to my eye and never get bored looking at them.

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