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Wasan 1628 by Nazgul - FINISHED - Billing Boats Vasa 1:75

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Hey all! Here are some progress pics:


I've put the ropes on the anchors. I based them on the description in Landströms book.



I want to have a svabel so I scratched one.




And here I have rigged one of the anchors, the svabel. I also made and positioned the penterbalk but it's not showing on the pics.









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Thanks Buck! I used straws from an old brush to get it in scale. CA glue it to the stick and then trim and it to shape. I did two tests before I managed to get it right.


And yes, my fingers where hairy afterward. ;)


Here is a part of Eendracht by Willem Van de Velde showing two svablar and the look I tried to make:






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Hey all! Last days I've managed to do some more details. The railing was less problems to get in place than I imagined. It fitted very well to the shape of the ship. It was a good advice to do it last Nigel as its fragile by it's nature. The ropes holding the anchor and the others hanging will be corrected when the model is positioned on the stand and I can tell how it should hang.














And with this it turns out I'm done with the model. It's a mixed feeling as I'm happy to have reached my goal but also feel a little sad as I'll miss working on it and talking to you all about it. It has been a great inspiration and source of knowledge, so thanks eveyone for the help and support!


These will likely be the last outdoor pctures of her and I will now start on the case so more to come.




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Thanks all! It feels a bit empty and sad not to plan for the next stage anymore. But at the same time it feels nice to start to plan for the next subject.


I'm using legs from an old table to put under the display case so I now add furniture carpiting to the list of new stuff I needed to learn to do this model. ;)


Tony, I'm happy if it can help, and during this build I've gathered a supply of reference of the ship and 1:10 model so perhaps I can help if there are questions.


Thanks again, both for the comments and likes!





PS: You got the post 1628 Nigel!

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