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Considering th next steps on the build, the boat will not b that easy to move arround, flip and overall handle, some areas won't be as easy to acces, so the time as come, to complete some of the aging process, starting by the bottom


so i've retouched the hull, did some aging with pigments, and applied a couple of coats of matt varnish, here are the photos of the process and a few of the final result



















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I must say....your weathering is impeccable.......but these vessels were known for being clean and pristine.   there would be a lot of upkeep done on these vessels.   I love what you did.......but if you were going for the 'ghost ship appearance'......you nailed it!   sorry......I have to be honest here.


don't change it on my account........you have quite a work of art here ;) 

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Nothing to be sorry about, i did went to a very weathered look, and as anyting in this hobby, i might have overdone it a bit, i'm also aware of that


Also the intent was always to test different thecniques to prepare for the santisima trinidad, that i'm also going for a very weathered look, i've played arround with indian ink, with vinager and steel wool solution, i've used washes, i've used pigments (i've fooled arround with oil painting but didn't use on th model), i've tested 3 or 4 different products to oxide different metals and i've improved my knowledge on what to use and where to use it for a certain look, wich is exactly what i wanted before going for the santisima trinidad.


And the fact that the white makes mistakes pop, weathering allows me to hide them, hehe, also have to be honest here.


Thanks for the kind words, i do have a few more pictures, i'll update the thread soon


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well,  I'm glad you didn't take offense........I in no means meant anything negative.  if you did this good with this project......I can imagine what you will achieve with the S.T.  :)    you have a 'weather worn eye' ......I in a million years would never be able to do what you've done here ;) 


BTW....I don't see any mistakes in the construction either ;) 



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Today we document the journey of the smokestacks


1. we airbrush black primer



2. airbrush rust colour



3. airbrush light rust



4. airbrush orange rust



5. apply dark brown RLM61 with a sponge



6. splater orange rust with a brush and a tooth pick



7. Airbrush rust wash to act as a filter to tie everything together



8. Airbrush chipping medium



9. Airbrush Black



10. Chip away some of the black




11.  apply pigments




12. matt varnish and final result





Hope you enjoy the smokestacks journey, was fun for me...





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And the finished product, it needs a couple coats of varnish, and i'm working on a simple display case


I will take proper and better pictures once this is completed, but here are a few pictures of the final result




Thanks for everyone that liked and commented. This one is over, i'll see you guys soon on a new thread.

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A very life like build. Impressive feat when you look at the weathering, and all the different details you have added to her. You have done her credit. I thoroughly enjoyed your build and learned a few things during it!

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