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Charles W. Morgan by ragove - Model Shipways - 1/64th scale

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They look great, too bad they will be under the roofing. Kind of like that great helm you built. But then we don’t do this for others to see, as much as to know ourselves it looks good. They look good. 👍


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Finally got the hurricane house under roof. Wife and I were in the woods (roughing it in an AC cabin, with full kitchen, 2 bed rooms, and a bath, on beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, but alas No Modleing😬) so not much got done on CWM for a bit. But I am am finally back at it.

we did manage to finish several bottles of wine 😇



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It appears that the roof between the two deck houses covering the steering wheel provided shelter for the helmsmen. I believe this was a unique feature of the whaling bark. Although that also juju included shade from the tropical South Pacific sun, I am sure it sheltered the helmsman from the rough storms including hurricanes. 

My thoughts based on what I have read on the Whaling Industry. 




 The two cabins were connected overhead to provide shelter for the helmsmen at the steering wheel, in the "hurricane house." 

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In between selling our current house and buying a new smaller place, not much is happening in the shipyard. And I expect that progress will be very slow over the next few months.  I’m afraid I may have to sell off some of my stash because of lack of room in our new home.  😬.  Anyway, I did manage to get the mizzenmast in place.


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