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King George V by kpnuts (title edited by moderator) - Tamiya - 1/350

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Hi all I was given this and the Bismark for a Christmas pressie from my daughter and son I bought what i thought was the pe for this kit (which cost more than the kit and I now discover is still not the full pe for it, i will buy the rest but just have to wait a bit) so I was thinking I quite like the pics by Eduard and pontos (others are availiable) of the pe on the finished ship with no paint on it and was thinking maybe I would do that with just a slight difference being I would weather the pe but leave it unpainted. What do you all think, I quite like the pe showing I think it adds interest(i know it's not very accurate but let's face it I'm pretty rubbish with this modelling lark and I very seldom build as per the instructions anyway.
So here is my start on this build
Made a start on the decking (Will be using pastels for the decking this is just the base coat.

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 i like the photographs from ships with the unpainted PE, as well as the painted. However the unpainted versions do have an unpainted ship as well. I wouldn't know if the remainder of the ship being painted wouldn't make it look strange with the bare PE ...

Looking forward to your plastic en PE journey

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I also think the bare PE would look striking on a ship of this vintage and size. It would make a very nice change from the 'haze gray and underway' look. I also think the rest of the ship would have to be painted with the normal colors to get rid of the plastic look and create the contrast. It is almost as if you are modeling the PE and using the model as the stand. If that makes sense.



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7 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

I think Greg did one of his Japanese ships that way.   I thought it looked good  :)    pull'in up a chair OC  ;) 

Before you start looking, kpnuts, Greg (RGL) didn't leave brass bare, although those Nip ships did have a fair share of it ... he did however, do a lot of astonishing weathering on his latest 3 - 4 builds, maybe a nice contrast with the bare brass ...

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I’ll buy in; do the bare brass. The difficulty will be hiding sins under paint like I do. Happy to see more 1/350 here. 


Eduard is fairly rubbish PE at this scale, Pontos and other Chinese vendors are lots better and a HELL of a lot cheaper 

Edited by RGL
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Well im a bit annoyed with eduard.
I started putting the pe portholes on and got 10 done and thought hang on theres something wrong here ( they give you 50 pe portholes) counted down one side theres 63 (it does say optional parts) optional or not they should at least supply enough for the job. And now im thinking about it what about all the pprtholes on the super structure. 
When i built the warspite i had loads of parts left on tge sprue that wernt mentioned anywhere in tge instructions ive since discovered they were ment to be portholes they look a bit different to the ones eduard supply but maybe i will use them.
I managed to get the portholes off without damaging the paintwork too much. As i say maybe i will try the warspite ones will have a count up and see if theres enough.

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Just to let you know KP, this time the pictures didn't show up for me. I suspect it may be MSW as it is the same in Chrome, IE, and Firefox. 

I am certain that they were there when you posted them, (The the launches set up on the upper deck with PE on them right?). It appears that all the prior pictures are also gone. Very strange.:huh:

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22 hours ago, lmagna said:



You might try closing down the site and wen you come back they may be there again. That's what happened to me. No idea why,

Done that, didn't work. Tried another browser, didn't work either ...It looks like the link to the image is broken. Do you use an external site where you keep your images?

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perhaps they are like an awning.......when the sun goes down,  they roll up?!?!   time zones......makes it all the tougher ;) 


if you use a picture hosting site,  this can happen as well.   I used to use Photobucket......I had a problem with them,  and now I store all my pictures on memory sticks.   amazing what a 32 gig stick holds ;) 

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