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Nordsee Krabbenkutter 1900 by popeye the sailor - Authentic Models / Holland - 1:48

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Carl stole my thunder  .........I wuz gonna say that.     oh well.........as with any game show.........whoever hits the buzzer first  ;)    that good to hear Sam.........good they caught the two knuckleheads that started the big ones!


hello Frank!  thanks for pok'in in and the good word :)   hope you are doing well :piratebo5:

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I also found some time to devote to this project.   the revised block to raise the top sail higher was tied in place.   I trimmed some of the tell tale lines and began to make rope coils for them.  since I've added more to the rigging,  I spent time figuring where to belay the new lines off,  when the top sail is rigged in place.  here are a couple pictures of where I am at the moment.



there really isn't much left to finish her.

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thanks John..........I am as well ;)   I want to get the Thermopylae back on the table.


it was fun yesterday..........I was on fire,  working on three projects.  it felt good having that much fervor.   I miss the days where I would do this without batt'in an eyelash.  I do have to apologize for not feel'in my corn flakes.   what really sucks {can't think of a better word} about all this,  is it's not because of age or illness.  I'm in a 'box' and I can't do anything about it until something definitive happens.  it has to run it's course :(   on a good note :) ....I have an update!.......on with #3!


in rigging the top sail,  I need to add some belaying points.  I also need one for the jib.   so,  I added a couple more cleats..........and I mentioned I tied on another block........higher up the mast to decrease the billow of the top sail.  all of the sails will have some degree of billow,  so that's a good thing.



you can just make out the cleats on the boom.   the bottom corner of the top sail will tie off on the horse,  which I still need to rig.   once all was ready...........up went the sail!



after this sail is terminated.........rope coils and perhaps a couple more lines,  will be all that are left.   almost done!  :) 

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--> August 23 <--

thanks Lou........almost done!   I haven't had a chance to get back to her,  but I can't wait to finish her.    I'm sure you could have done as good a job.

     you just got to believe............imagine ;) 


thanks for the good word Robert :) 


silly me.........forgot to hit the post button :default_wallbash:

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