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HMS Victory by GrandpaPhil - Mantua - Scale 1:98 Kit-Bash

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Thank you both very much!  Thank you to all who have hit the “Like” button!

The silver lining of the current situation is that it has greatly freed up my schedule.  Bearing in mind that I am the one who has previously taken vacation days from work to work on my model.


I am still working on the upper stanchions.  They are right on the borderline of what I am currently able to carve, due to their small size (which is why all subsequent builds will most likely be at 1/72 scale).




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Hi Phil


It’s always a pleasure to watch your boats coming together and this one is no exception.  The Victory is about as complex as they get (I should know as I muddled my way through my own miniature version a few years ago), and I salute you for tackling this model.  

From what I can see, your boat’s coming along brilliantly.  Congrats on getting this far and I look forward to following along.


Cheers and stay healthy!



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Thank you all!  I’ve been having a lot of fun with this build.  It has definitely been a good challenge.


I made some more progress last night.


I finished the rail, except for the hammock cranes.  The hammock cranes and netting will be one of the last deck fittings that I make.


I fixed a minor issue with the hatch going to the upper gun deck by the main mast.


I did not like the tops of the quarter galleries, so I made filler pieces that I did like.


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Thank you very much!  Thank you all for all the likes!


Everything made last night is now painted:


The mast coats for the fore and main mast are made, painted and installed:


The stern bitts are made and installed, but not yet painted:


The forward foremast bitts and fife rail is made.  The pieces of sewing pins are my belaying pins.  Even at 1/72 scale, they are close enough to being in scale that they look like belaying pins.  At 1/98 scale, they look perfect (to me at least).


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Thank you very much! 

I bought the scalpel on EBay for $8.  It came with 100 blades.  


I personally like them better because they are much sharper than x-acto blades and cheaper.  The only downside is that they cannot take side pressure or the blade will break where it snaps onto the handle.

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Thank you, Richard!  Thank you all very much for the likes!


I’m making progress:


The foremast bitts are done and installed:


The stern bitts are painted and the mainmast bitts are installed, but the fife rail still needs finished.  Due to the variance between Mantua’s kit and the AOTS plans, I needed them in place to measure off the location of the belaying pins (made from sewing pins).


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Thanks, Edward!  Thank you all for the likes!


I made the last two shot garlands.  You cannot really see the rest in place, so I didn’t take pictures.


I decided to use some of my leftover walnut planking, to match the rest of the deck, for the landings on the ladders which connect the poop deck to the quarterdeck.


I only have a few (relatively) more deck and hull fittings to make.



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Thank you very much!


After examining some pictures of the inner bulwarks of the Victory while trying to determine paint schemes for rigging fittings with carvings on the quarterdeck, I realized that I painted the entire inner bulwarks incorrectly, so I am going to adjust them and add the mouldings to the inner bulwarks on the quarterdeck.

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The forward and waist bulwarks are now black.


The poop and quarterdeck bulwarks will soon be yellow ochre (Ceramcoat Antique Gold).


The gun carriages should also be ochre, but it is too late to fix that (meaning that I am not willing to rip them out and redo them).  It means that they will stand out well, lol.


Oh, well. This entire project is a learning experience.  Moving on, lol.


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