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HMS Victory by GrandpaPhil - Mantua - Scale 1:98 Kit-Bash

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I’ve done a lot of paint work today.  


I did a lot of gunport lid repair.


 I replaced a couple of other pieces that got damaged during moving.


The Victory looks much better now.  


The cut water will get painted when I build the basic framework for the head, so the cheeks, frames and head rails will adhere better.









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Thank you everyone for all the likes and the comments!



  I’m getting better.  When I started the Victory, two years ago, I wouldn’t have dared to do what I just did.  After pausing to build the Prince de Neufchatel, I am a lot more confident.


I learned a lot.


The biggest lesson was that the hardest part is making that first cut.


I’m completely running off the AOTS plans now and we’ll see how she turns out.


I learned that poster board is actually a good material to build model ships from.


I decided this morning that I would build the head so I can get finish getting the model base coated.


I am making the cheeks from double thickness (1.6mm) poster board because it is flexible and easy to work.


This is leftover material from the Prince de Neufchatel.


 The rest of the head will be mostly basswood.


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Thank you.  The overhead profile for the cheeks are on drawing A8 of AOTS for the Victory, the middle deck, at 1/192 scale.  


I scaled it up 196% on my copier to get to 1/98 scale.  Make sure to leave enough on the end to go all the way to the end of the cut water.


I took the pathway from the outboard profile.  


I picked up my poster board at Walmart.  I got an 8 pack for around $5 last December.  I still have 2 1/4 sheets left after the Prince de Neufchatel.


It sounds crazy, but it works well if you’re going to paint anyways.

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  Looking forward to seeing progress on your Victory.  You’re doing well.


Quick question, does the Anatomy of Nelson’s Ships have a sail plan for the Victory?

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I don’t know what these are called, but the hawse holes will be drilled into them.


 I made them last night, from 1/8” thick basswood sheet, boiled them in a microwave, and bent them.  I let them dry overnight to shrink back to size and did the final shaping/installation tonight.


Next time I work on the Victory, I’ll be using an electric drill on it, to bore out the hawse holes and the hole for the bowsprit.  That should be interesting.


One thing that I hate about this kit is that there is no interior to speak of, which is awful when trying to run ropes into or out of the hull.


This is another reason that I have been learning to scratch build.


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58 minutes ago, GrandpaPhil said:

The original was shaped wrong.  It came out too far and didn’t rise enough.


The AOTS plans for the head wouldn’t work if I had left it as it was.

You are doing some fine work there - not always easy when doing scratch building.



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This model has lots of issues.


I started it before I had the skills and knowledge to build it right.  That’s how I learn though.


It has more flaws and more problems than I can count (including a twisted hull).


Some originate from the age of the kit (1991).  Most originate from my mistakes and inexperience.


I had only built two real ship models prior to starting this one.  I built the Model Shipways Sultana and the Mamoli Endeavour.


I had built a few small boats before, but nothing approaching the complexity of this one.


I have a Lessons Learned file the length of my arm from this one that I will carry forward to the Triton, which will be my next build.


The point of the remainder of this build is for me to get better and is being used as a learning project.


I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with it.

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I think we are all at various level of craftmanship, builds for various reasons and aims for various quality and can devote various of time to a Project. Most important, considering how much time this hobby requires, is that you enjoy yourself and make your model good enough for you. 


Personally, I am here to learn more and improve my skills and I also enjoy seeing projects developing. I rather look at the buildlogs that are active and quality is just one parameter that catch my eye when deciding what to follow. 

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14 minutes ago, Wallace said:

That is a nice way and I feel the right way to look at it Phil. Lesser mortals would have given up by now :imNotWorthy:

I’ve been told before that I taught the mule how to be stubborn, lol.

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Quick intermission.


The Admiral loves ravens and crows.  I carved one in bas relief for her over the weekend.  It’s only primed right now.


I made it from 1/4” basswood.  I roughed it out with my trusty coping saw and did the carving with my trusty scalpels.  The #11 blade is a great all purpose blade and the #10 blade works great for altering thicknesses (like slimming down the neck and the wings).


I sanded it twice with 220 grit, once before the first coat of black and once after.








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Thank you very much for the likes and the comments! 


I made the other badge for the starboard cathead and started the mouldings for the cheeks of the head.  


I’m using very thin strips of poster board to make them.


Quick note for the other beginning carvers out there, gluing the piece down helps a lot.  I just learned that.




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