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Can I get some knot advise?

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I am working on the railings on my Constitution. I am not very happy with the look of the rope rails.  If you’ll notice as the rope goes around the post it is higher as it leaves the post than on the other side.  I tried using an overhead not put the ropes still do not look even as they passed through the post. This creates a stepped look as I progress.C4E87D6E-385C-4BF5-B714-A9235BF87A75.thumb.jpeg.e2d6b2ee6b02d386294969c111ac5d25.jpegIs there a way to secure the lines to the post and have them look even?Is there a way to secure the lines to the post and have them look even?

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Believe the intent of those u shaped devices, 'cranes', were to hold hammocks, Netting would have been used and canvass would have been in place to protect those hammocks from the weather, nothing like wet cold hammocks and blankets. I Also would expect that if heavy lines were in place to secure the netting to, it would have ran full length without knots at each station but held in a notch or on a support with small stuff. Think a quick search would result in much better knowledgeable references and techniques by searching this site than I offer here.



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7 hours ago, Antonio Vasquez said:

the problem that I had with that knot was it would cinch down on the post before I could pull the slack up from the previous post.

When ever you use a clove hitch on a post or stanchion like you are all you need to do is make the first loop tight between the two posts and then while holding that loop against the post throw the second loop over the top and pull it tight.


Just for future reference as I agree with your choice of going with JerseyCity Frankie's suggestion of simply gluing the line in place. This is a pretty small scale after all. In real life these spaces are probably filled with netting but again, this is a VERY small scale and finding a suitable net size might be almost impossible.


Great looking work by the way. 

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