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In research I've discovered several different ways of setting up the ratlines. I've decided to "fix" the lower deadeyes in place on the channels and build from there with the idea of having as few moving parts as possible. I added two small lengths of wire to the channels to assist in gluing the channels to the hull. The channels are "roughed in" and I'm contemplating the small half-round lengths to finish off. 0.jpg.d4c9ecc0ae160c7de7b215c7220174b1.jpg


The deadeyes are cleaned then glued to the channels.


The channels are rough fitted to the hull.
I'm contemplating using some 1/2 round to tidy up the channel edge.halfround.jpg.f420d06aa6e950df48a16b38c2d25e7d.jpg

Further, I've begun work on the spars. Note the sheets to keep things organized. 


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On 12/14/2018 at 11:34 AM, jfinan said:

I found about six different references on the best technique to copper a hull. All different! As you can see below, I ended up inventing my own laying in two rows of dressing belt at the waterline and four rows at the keel, then locating the widest point of girth on the hull and drawing a line perpendicular to the waterline. At the end of most rows the plates will be trimmed to fit against the preceding row. As expected the widest point will require one or two "filler" rows. That's the plan anyway. At least it's tidy! A note for anyone considering coppering: give the hull a coat of copper colour paint before you start. A few very tiny cracks of "white" are peeking through. Hindsight really is 20/20.


I love this method!  I am building a small POB HMS Victory and am detailing it as I go.  Your coppering method might be an answer to several problems I have had coppering her. Thanks!



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