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Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat


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Hi all,

I'm thinking about doing this project. I was very pleased with a prior Woody Joe kit and was wondering if anyone has done this kit.
I need a change from from rigging 18th century ships.


Thanks for the input.

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Hi Mark, I have not, but have been thinking about it.


I know someone in the SMA club down in Southern California who started one last year. I'll ask him about it.


It looks like a very interesting model and if you buy from the new Zootoyz site for wooden kits, Morikawa-san has a sale going on there that ends in 4 days, on 6/24. Well, that is, the sale prices are good through the end of the 24th. They're a day ahead of us, so maybe make that 6/23!


By the way, it's my understanding that he just created an MSW account, so maybe he'll start chiming in direction on the Woody Joe stuff!



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Thanks Clare, for some strange reason I knew I would here from you (can't imagine why). I got Morikawa-san's email about the new site and sale a few days back.
Well I could not resist the temptation and ordered one. Looks simple but...? I just needed a change from heavily detailed models and the simple elegant lines just fit the bill.
I don't like posting builds but I'll keep you up to date when the build starts. By the way your long boat is very fine looking and the research very informative.


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Hi Mark,


Congrats on jumping in on that kit. I think you'll really like it.


I did hear back from the Khufu ship builder I mentioned, and he commented that he really enjoyed the kit. He had some problems understanding the Japanese instructions until he found a translator app for his iPad. I have Google Translate on my iPhone and that seems to work pretty well too. He's planning on bringing it to the NRG conference this Fall. That doesn't help you any, but I did get a photo from him. I didn't get his permission to post it, but I can PM a copy to you so you can see a built model for yourself.


Best Regards,




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Forunately, it's supposed to be a fairly easy build, and I'll bet you can figure out the instructions with just the Google Translate app.


For the benefit of others, here's a photo of this kit from the box art, in case you don't know anything about this kit. 




It's a 1/72-scale model of a boat that was buried along with various treasures of King Khufu (Cheops).


Here's a photo of the kit built by Don Dressel of the SMA, Fullerton, posted with his permission...





This is a really nice looking kit and Don said he really enjoyed building it. You can find it easily through the Japanese online hobby dealer Zootoyz.jp.


Okay, now I'm jealous Mark. I want to build this kit too!




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What's in the box...All instructions are in Japanese so a good translator app is necessary. However, with the multiple pictures, instruction in most cases will be self explanatory. Laser and strip materials are all packed in well marked sleeves as to, part number, name, dimensions and quantity of each. In my experience with the Hacchoro model, there is very little extra strip material, I would imagine the same is true here. Measure twice cut once, for sure. As far as I can tell it looks like the outer hull is done on a skeleton frame, it is removed, and then the inside framing is done. From what I have read the ancient Egyptians built in that fashion.
Sorry the files did not load in order. And there was a surprise gift enclosed as well, nice touch.box1.thumb.jpg.dd3c9f8cef3a0cd89cd1ce631f28c12f.jpg












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