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Ship modeling tools (Added additional items AGAIN) (GONE)

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how "1. profile gauge " works?


It is a stack of movable pins.  Push it against a curved object and it duplicates that shape.

One side is negative of it, the other is the positive.

The present versions are plastic and the "pins" thicker.

A potential use -  getting a precise shape for the breast hooks for a close fit - gets defeated because

most of these tools are too wide to fit inside a hull - unless a heroic scale such as 1:36 or 1:24 .

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The profile gauge is metal with moveable pins. I usually used it to get a profile of the bottom of the hull to aid in the building of cradles to mount on building or display boards. Yes, one side will indicate positive and the other side indicates negative. I have also used it to help fair out frames.



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