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King of the Mississippi by Smokey030 - Artesania Latina - 1:80

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Yeah I started this over a year ago while i was in Korea,  my wife bought it for me in Seoul.  Unfortunately I was to busy to work on it much there, but now since I am back in the States I decided to continue on.  Currently though the wife and I live in a two bedroom apartment with 4 cats (the cats already broke the model once...) so i have no permanent work space (will be house hunting this September) to leave the model out.  It becomes quite a chore to setup and tear down a workspace to just do a little bit of work.  I am determined to work on it a little everyday though and look forward to learning from it.

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This weekend I worked on the next two cabins, I skipped the decking of the second deck as I was struggling with the herring bone setup.  I know that if I take a break from a part that I am having trouble with and come back to later i will do well with it.  I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, I took these, my wife took the orginal posted pictures.20180702_203747.thumb.jpg.e7ee91b41e2ea539f827bb2b4e5c8ca0.jpg20180702_205846.thumb.jpg.5d1e80b7b5f49ec48311178e9a31d554.jpg20180702_210907.thumb.jpg.df8091ad09b8daefebe659ff38fe3b40.jpg20180702_210850.thumb.jpg.f3c455f7bf37013c2f844dc2ce8c37a3.jpg

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Hello all,


An update on my progress, sadly it has been slow, work has been demanding and the wife and I have been house hunting.  The good news about the house hunting is that we have found a house and should be able to close in mid September.  The house we are closing on has fully a finished bonus room above the garage that the wife has agreed to allow me to have for my work space.  No more taking 30 minutes to set up to work on my model, I found the setting up took most of my desire to model out of me. 


The first picture is of the pewter pieces the kit recommends to use for windows, but i do not like the look so decided to frame and make my own windows.  20180802_213405.thumb.jpg.695668923e3c09bf47ef0e4b6bdb18e9.jpg20180802_221801.thumb.jpg.85a99810bbd8b142167832c6e765e773.jpg20180802_221832.thumb.jpg.ed98554502568df55d3fa5ba33da02d0.jpg20180802_221700.thumb.jpg.d3b83547870b318235a61e52081cf426.jpgThe parts are still rough and require a lot of sanding but i must wait for the glue to dry first. I hope it will be worth it in the end. 

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Hello all again, sorry it has been several months since my last update.  The wife and I purchased a house so I have been dealing with getting the house the way she wants it. But with the new house I was able to get a permanent work space for all my modeling needs.20181211_202501.thumb.jpg.506305a1c46ac2b12a65af292c4affc7.jpg


The only downside to the space is my cats insist on sharing the room with me.20181211_203740.thumb.jpg.6a56bcaf224b39253ef13ee31bd67750.jpg

Thus I can't leave any of my works out while not working on them.


I have started up again and made some progress on the build.


I have glued the first two decks together.


I have redrilled the holes for the nails because my first attempt was not straight and driving me nuts. You now can see how my windows will look since I decided to make them out of wood and not use the pewter windows supplied in the kit. They will at a later time will have the red background like the doors on the first floor.  Also i started trimming the top and bottom in wood, I feel it will add a bit of finish to the project.20181211_191507.thumb.jpg.84c1e1bef4c691ae0a1c652d47e50817.jpg

That is all for now, thanks and any input will be greatly appreciated.




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