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What have you done for The Admiral today


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1 minute ago, Jasseji said:

so when i order a new model in 2 weeks she will be "softened"

I KNEW there had to be an ulterior motive.

Wish I was that smart I have been doing those same jobs for almost 40 years now just because she expects me to! She claims she doesn't know how to work the gas cap!:huh:

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That must be what my secretary called GSB.  My wife doesn’t know how to pump gas either and i’m tired of trying to teach her.  Of course both of us grew up in the day when gas stations pumped gas for you.  “Pumping gas” was the classic high school put down.  Same as “flipping burgers” today.  Every one ignored that pumping gas was an entry level job that taught good job skills.



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On 7/4/2018 at 11:15 AM, Roger Pellett said:

My wife doesn’t know how to pump gas either and i’m tired of trying to teach her.

    The admiral already had her own car when we met so that has never been the case with me.  As a mater of fact, since I became wheelchair bound she pumps gas for my car.  Since gas stations have pretty much all gone to self service pumps, the pumps had to have a handicap assist button installed on all their pumps. (shown below)


    While this may sound like a good idea,  in practice not so much.  If you read the second line of the fine print you will see the main reason that it is seldom actually put into practice.  Refueling service CANNOT be provided when there is only one employee on duty or if it is not safe to do so.  Supposedly one merely has to honk the car horn three times or press the button and someone will come out to fill you up. 

    There are three things that are problems here.  Apparently you must first know which stations have only one employee employed or on duty when you pull in.  Secondly, you must be within reach of the button from your car, which of course puts you too close to the pump for them to fill you up.  And lastly, it must be safe (or maybe just convenient) to do so.  Perhaps you should call ahead?

     I once pulled up to the pump above when I was alone to see just how well the system actually works.  I had a walking stick along that allowed me to reach and press the button, so I tried it.  No response.  After a few minutes, I tried again. No response.  This was repeated twice more with several minutes between with the same reaction.  (At the time my car was the only one at the pumps.)  Now I was becoming somewhat peeved, I tried honking three times.  Again, no response.  This was repeated four more times before I finally drove off in disgust! 

    Thus, the admiral always fills me up.  That is fine with me when she is along, but if you are alone where does that leave the disabled drivers? 

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Sounds like most laws I've heard of! Several years ago the Congress passed a law saying that X amount of bio-fuel must be produced/year by a certain date. The problem was that that amount of bio-fuel (generally made from corn) would have required 3 times the total annual yearly US corn production!

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