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Signal flags/pennants

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I'm just finishing Bluejacket's Smuggler kit. The plans sheets and the instruction book are very detailed and they presented no problem in the course of the build. However, there is no indication of where the halyards for the masthead pennants are to be belayed. Nothing about belay points in the manual and no callouts on the rigging plan. All of the belaying pins are in use for other running rigging. Any guidance would be appreciated.



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Flag halyard line is the smallest diameter line in the rig, by a wide margin. It’s like modern day Clothesline, It won’t require a pin, just a very very small cleat. Adhering to the “the higher up in the rig- the farther aft the belaying point on deck” rule, the cleat will usually be located aft of the aftermost running rigging belaying point for that mast. Somewhere on the bulwarks.  But often the cleat is on the aftermost shroud.

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