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After spending the last 50+ years building and flying RC aircraft, both kits and plans built, I've decide to jump ship and move into ship building.

I recently purchase four kits in an attempt to find something that would "float my boat" (pun intended). One thing I have learned is that the model must be something that interests me. None of those did it for me so I purchased a fifth kit which, although not recommended for a first timer, is the one I will be starting with.

 Ccoyles and others words of wisdom on this site notwithstanding, regarding first kits I've made my choice. Hopefully with my past modeling experience and the help from you guys I'll succeed. 

I've been lurking around on various forums gleaning as much information that I could. 

I intend to start a build log so feel free to jump in with your comments.

Attached are pictures of three of the kits I looked at as well as the one I chose.

6three kits.jpg

3Box Art.jpg

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    Of course it's up to you to decide which one to start with, but the biggest difficulty with the Kearsarge would be the small 1/8" scale.  The parts will probably be much tinier than what you are used to with your RC planes.  The Black Prince might be an easier one as it's the largest scale model that you bought and the bow is not such a bluff one which is more difficult to plank.   Frustration may set in once you start it, but if that happens you could always switch over to the larger scale ship to just allow you to get your feet wet. :rolleyes:  The choice is yours to make of course, but I thought to give you my two cents worth.  Good luck in either case and welcome to MSW! 

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First let me say thanks to all for the welcome.



"Correcto" on the small components...



If you could provide a link as to where I might find to purchase back issues it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't had much success in finding them as yet.



Actually I originally thought the Lady Nelson was going to be my choice. I even went so far as to purchase a 7 set of DVD's showing the building of the Lady Nelson.



Not sure about the "Bear" however, going to give it a go



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